Is it time for you to upgrade your mobile phone? We have a variety of phones from the best manufacturers in the world. Shop the latest iPhone X, get a new Samsung phone, and more! Featuring new and refurbished phones, there is a device for every budget.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are refurbished phones in good condition?

    Yes, all our refurbished phones have undergone thorough checks to ensure they are in good working condition. They have been fully tested and functional. Each phone also gets a graded condition which indicates if there is any damage to the device. We recommend asking a member in store or checking the product descriptions on our site.

  • What checks do you do on used phones?

    All our refurbished phones have thorough checks to ensure they are in good working condition. We conduct 20 checks on all our devices. Click here to view all the checks we conduct on second hand phones. You can buy with confidence at GAME.

  • Do pre-owned phones come with a warranty?

    Yes. All pre-owned phones from GAME come with a 12-month “Peace of Mind” warranty. You will receive the warranty documents when you purchase in-store, or they will be emailed to you if you purchase online.