MiTEC 5,000mAh Power Bank Black (Mobile Accessories)

Charge your important devices on-the-go with the MiTEC 5,000mAh Power Bank from the MiPOWER collection.

2 Charges*- 5000mAh power output provides up to 2 full charges of a smartphone.

*Note: Actual performance may vary. Capacities are estimates only, based on the average battery capacities of top-selling devices in the market. See your devices manual for power requirements.
Fast Charge- 2.1A/10W output charges devices instantaneously with quick and powerful energy transfer.

Dual Port- Energy simultaneous charging, all from one device, with the USB-A and USB-C dual ports.

Rechargeable- Battery for repeated usage, powering all of your adventures.

Safe and Reliable. Built in protection from over current and over voltage damage.

Greenshoots packaging is 100% recyclable, so that you can power up your world, without damaging ours.
SKU: 828805-product
Release Date: 01/01/2023