Starhawk multiplayer details emerge

Sony has provided fans of the high-flying combat game Warhawk with new details of what to expect from the forthcoming sci-fi sequel Starhawk.

Florence Kum, senior producer for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, told the official PlayStation Blog that the new PlayStation 3 title will feature a number of modes that allow two friends to enjoy multiplayer mayhem on the same console.

A revamped two-player splitscreen mode lets gamers duke it out side-by-side, with an improved aspect ratio and radar map system making it easier to enjoy the action.

Meanwhile, two people will also be able to sign into their PlayStation Network profiles on the same console simultaneously, ensuring that both players can gain XP and level up.

For those who prefer online gaming, Starhawk also offers up a frantic 32-player online mode, Ms Kum added.

Starhawk will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 3 and combines robust multiplayer options with an in-depth story mode.

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Release Date: 22/03/2012