Everything you need to know about the PlayStation 3 Console

Meet PlayStation 3

Welcome to the world of PlayStation! Since its arrival in 2006 the PlayStation 3 has gone from strength to strength and established itself as a strong favourite with gamers around the world. With its superb catalogue of games to choose from there's sure to be something for everyone with the PlayStation 3.

With fantastic add ons, including the likes of PlayStation Move, and cross-platform features, the PlayStation 3 has constantly evolved and pushed the boundaries of gaming!

If you're not in the mood for gaming the PlayStation 3 has you covered. With fantastic online features, such as BBC iPlayer, Music Unlimited and Netflix, the PlayStation 3 is here for you regardless of what you’re in the mood for, be it music, TV, movies, and much more!

PlayStation 3 Slim

Get slim! The latest iteration of the PlayStation 3, the Slim, has been given a complete redesign to make it slimmer, lighter and slicker, while retaining everything we've come to love about the console!

Housing a powerful 500GB hard drive, the PlayStation 3 allows you to store even more of your favourite music, films, games and much more besides! It also includes a Blu-Ray player allowing you to watch all your favourite movies in stunning high definition!

With its sleek new design, the PlayStation 3 Slim has been designed to go with any household and become your port of call for all your entertainment needs, from games to music and beyond!

PlayStation 3 Slim Console

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PlayStation Move

It's time to get up and active with PlayStation Move!

PlayStation Move takes motion-sensor gaming to the next level with its powerful tracking abilities, putting you in complete control of your favourite games! Making you the controller, PlayStation Move uses the PlayStation Eye Camera with a light emitting orb atop the controller to give gamers a brand new way play.

Simple to pick up and play, PlayStation Move introduced a new way to enjoy games. With some amazing games utilising the PlayStation Move, including the likes of Wonderbook, Just Dance and LittleBigPlanet, become the star of the show and put you skills to the test!

PlayStation Move

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PlayStation 3 Controller

The DualShock 3 Controller has an instantly familiar feel to all PlayStation fans. With its design resembling that of its predecessors the DualShock 3 Controller makes it easy and simple to pick up and get playing on the PlayStation 3.

Building on the success of previous models, the DualShock 3 offers improved functionality with its six axis motion control and pressure sensitive triggers giving you more control than ever before! The added rumble feature takes gamers deeper into the world of interactivity, delivering one of the most intuitive, realistic and immersive gaming experiences around!

Never feel out of your depth in multiplayer games, such as FIFA and Destiny, with the DualShock 3’s full force feedback and highly accurate control features, resulting in a responsive gameplay experience to keep you at the top of your game.

Get gaming on the PlayStation 3 as the DualShock 3 puts the control firmly in your hands!

PlayStation 3 Controller

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PlayStation 3 Games

PlayStation 3 Games

The PlayStation 3 boasts a pretty spectacular back catalogue of games for you to pick up and play! With an extensive list, spanning from sports to JRPG games, and everything in-between, the PlayStation 3 has something to offer every gamer, regardless of their favourite genre of game!

With massive blockbuster games available only on PlayStation, including popular franchises such as Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet and Gran Turismo, the PlayStation 3 has a stellar backlog of games for you to get your teeth sunk into!

But it's not just about the past; the PlayStation 3 continues to be well supported, with excellent games such as Destiny and FIFA 15 out now for the console! There are also some fantastic games on their way to the console in the shape of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Assassin's Creed: Rogue.

If you also have a PS Vita, then use the PlayStation 3's cross-platform features to take a range of games out and about with you! Start a game on your PlayStation 3 and then take your game on the move with the Cross-Save features!

So whether you’re looking to the past or the future, the PlayStation 3 will certainly be able to cater to your gaming needs!

PlayStation 3 Multiplayer

Get online and get gaming against your friends with the Mutliplayer capabilities of the PlayStation 3!

Dive straight into the PlayStation 3's multiplayer component and take on people from around the world in a plethora of games! Take your team to the top in FIFA, wipe out your opponents in Call of Duty, or race until your heart’s content in Gran Turismo; the PlayStation 3 is here for all your multiplayer needs, regardless of what you're in the mood for!

With a massive community of gamers at the heart of PlayStation 3, they'll always be someone in the world ready to take you on in your favourite games!

PlayStation 3 Multiplayer

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PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus on PlayStation 3

PlayStation Plus gives you access to a whole host of goodies across you PSN account! Get selected free games every month, a ton of exclusive offers and discounts on the PlayStation Store, and online storage to back up your game saves!

What's more, PlayStation Plus crosses across your entire PSN account, so if you have a PS4 and PS Vita as well your membership will span all three consoles, giving you even more free goodies and discounts!

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PlayStation 3 Entertainment


The PlayStation 3 is here to offer you much more than just games!

From music to movies, the PlayStation 3 has an impressive range of apps making it so much more than just a games console!

With popular apps including the likes of Netflix, Music Unlimited and YouTube the PlayStation 3 is here for you no matter what you’re in the mood for!

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PlayStation 3 - The Future's Bright

Prepared for today - and tomorrow

With its impressive capabilities the PlayStation 3 is here to stay and it's only going to get better!

Creative, innovative and enjoyable, the PlayStation 3 continues to push the boundaries of gaming with impressive features such as PlayStation Move and Cross-Platform! The PlayStation 3 is constantly evolving and changing how we see gaming, and with its stunning back catalogue of games, there's never been a better time to get gaming on the PlayStation 3!

When you're not in the mood for gaming, the PlayStation 3 has you covered with its impressive list of apps to tailor to your every media need! Much more than just a games console, the PlayStation 3 is the complete entertainment system, giving you access to games, music, movies and much more!