SSX drifts into stores this week

EA has offered gamers a reminder that the iconic SSX snowboarding series is making its triumphant return to UK games stores this week.

The new Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 SSX instalment is the first to be released in half a decade and is arriving on the crest of a wave of critical acclaim, attracting strong reviews from leading publications such as IGN.

In the new SSX, players can explore nine expansive regions based on real-life topographical satellite data, bringing a new sense of freedom to the adrelaine-fuelled arcade experience.

Race, Trick and Survival challenges will challenge fans to tackle each course in different ways, while the online multiplayer modes introduce innovative social features and a new recommendation engine to make matchmaking easier than ever.

The game also features an all-star soundtrack, including artists such as Pretty Lights, Foster the People, The Naked and Famous, Skrillex and more.

Dean Richards of EA Sports said: "We've built SSX with the latest technologies giving it a more modern look and feel, but everyone who has played it has agreed - this is 100 per cent SSX at its core."

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Release Date: 02/03/2012