SSX demo arrives on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

A demo version of EA Sports' snowboarding revival SSX has slalomed its way on to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this week.

The online-enabled trial will only be available until March 20th 2012, offering a preview of two tracks: a race event in the Rocky Mountains and a trick-based competition in New Zealand.

Since the demo is based on SSX's new Explore mode, it will incorporate a feature that automatically records race performances as ghost data, which will be uploaded to the SSX server for other players to compete against at any time.

Todd Batty, creative director for the new SSX, said: "We wanted to design something that took into account people's busy schedules and addressed the issue of not always having friends to play online with you at the same time."

The final game will also include a mode called Global Events, through which fans can take part in constant ongoing live tournaments which can be joined and exited whenever they want.

SSX is the first new instalment in the series in five years and will introduce a new sense of open-world freedom to the classic snowboarding experience.

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Release Date: 23/02/2012