Saints Row: The Third receives The Trouble With Clones DLC

Saints Row: The Third fans can now download new mission content following the launch of The Trouble With Clones pack.

The brand new DLC for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC is typical of the over-the-top sandbox crime game, in that it features a zany storyline, explosive character abilities and a sense of rambunctious fun.

It sees Saints Row favourite Johnny Gat brought back to life by a hapless amateur scientist, only for the experiment to go horribly wrong and the clone Gat to emerge as an evil giant behemoth.

Players will need to harness the superpowers provided by the Saints Flow energy drink to take down the monstrous Gat clone, while also wreaking havoc on the rest of the city.

Saints Row: The Third launched last November and enjoyed the most successful debut of any Saints Row title, as well as winning critical praise.

The game takes place in a brand new city called Steelport and features more outlandish weapons and crazy plot twists than ever.

SKU: News-168791
Release Date: 22/03/2012