Homefront: Ultimate Edition invades Europe this March

THQ's brooding shooter Homefront will be making a return to stores next month with the launch of a complete edition.

Homefront: Ultimate Edition will be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at a knockdown price, bundling in the original game and all downloadable content released to date, including two map packs and the 870 Express Shotgun.

Originally released in March 2011, Homefront proved to be a chart-topping success in the UK, US and Europe, becoming the bestselling new first-person shooter franchise of the year.

Working from a story by filmmaker John Milius, the game puts players at the forefront of a battle to reclaim power in a future America that has been invaded and conquered by the Koreans.

It won praise for its in-depth multiplayer mode, which features massive battlefields, vehicular combat and innovative mechanics that promote teamwork and tactical play.

A sequel to Homefront is currently in development at Crytek, the team behind the Crysis and Far Cry games, with a proposed release date of 2014.

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Release Date: 23/02/2012