Cult hit Deadly Premonition coming to PlayStation 3

Cult Xbox 360 survival horror game Deadly Premonition is set to receive an enhanced PlayStation 3 edition.

Yasuhiro Wada, executive producer of Access Games' surreal Twin Peaks-inspired game, confirmed during the recent Game Developers Conference that the team is hoping to unveil the new PS3 version of the game at this year's E3 show.

Released in 2010, Deadly Premonition follows FBI agent Francis York as he investigates the brutal murder of two girls in a secluded town in the US, encountering strange apparitions and a raincoat-wearing mystery killer.

To crack the case, the oddball York must travel around town and get to know the locals, while entertaining the player with movie trivia and rambling conversations with "Zach", an imaginary alternate personality.

York's appearance and hygiene levels change in real time, meaning players will need to eat, wash and shave regularly to avoid upsetting those he encounters, while minigames include darts, fishing and collecting trading cards.

Deadly Premonition divided gaming critics on its original debut but has since gained a loyal fan following thanks to its weird and wonderful nature, with the PlayStation 3 edition set to introduce it to a new audience.

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Release Date: 12/03/2012