Bloodsucker Pack arrives for Saints Row: The Third

A new downloadable content pack has been released for Saints Row: The Third that adds a vampiric twist to the open-world crime game.

Available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, the Bloodsucker Pack provides players with the ability to become a creature of the night, stalking the streets of Steelport and sucking the blood of residents in order to regain health.

In addition to these new vampire abilities, the latest DLC drop throws in a selection of VIP bonuses, including a cash boost, respect bonus, increased income and larger money drops from fallen enemies.

The addition of vampirism will only add to the bizarre mayhem that can take place in Saints Row: The Third, which has proven a huge hit since debuting in November 2011.

THQ's game encourages players to indulge all their craziest and most destructive instincts, allowing them to create their own oddball characters and wreak havoc with over-the-top vehicles and weapons.

Earlier this month, another DLC pack called Gangstas in Space was released, adding a new story mission that involve gamers being cast in a sci-fi movie.

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Release Date: 28/02/2012