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League of Legends

Release Date - 27/09/2013*

Pitting two rival teams against one another, League of Legends introduces players to the competitive, fantasy-inspired world of Runeterra.

Take on the role of a Summoner, and help guide your Champion into battle with a range of tools to give you the upper hand! With session-based game play no match is ever the same in this MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena! Battle against fellow players in Classic or Dominion game modes in the pursuit of gold, glory and bragging rights!

League of Legends features over 100 unique champions to play with, ensuring you can find the perfect character to match your play style! Once you have your perfect Champion kit them out with a massive arsenal of items to give yourself a head start on the battlefield! Customise your Summoner and use a range of runes, masteries and summoner spells to customise your Champion and build them into the ultimate fighting machine! With constant updates to, including new features, Champions, maps and modes, influenced directly by the community, you’ll never play the same League of Legends game twice!

Take to the Fields of Justice and become a Champion in League of Legends.

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Champions and Skins

League of Legends works on a free character rotation system. This means that every week, the characters available for everyone to use for free will swap, giving you the chance to try out as many characters as you want.

Once you’ve found your perfect character, you will have the option to buy them outright and you’ll even have the chance to buy additional character skins to make your Champion stand out from the crowd! You can purchase these with the in-game Riot Points currency, which can be accrued over time or bought immediately with our range of game cards!

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