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Kinect for Xbox 360

Kinect for Xbox 360 - Out now!

No wires. No pads. No wands. With Kinect for Xbox 360, you are the Controller.

Kinect offers a revolutionary way to play, share, communicate and interact with your Xbox 360. With Kinect, your own body becomes the controller thanks to the Kinect Sensor bar, a high-tech gizmo that can track your movement, recognise your voice and even scan objects into games for a completely immersive experience.

The camera in the Kinect Sensor will track your every move, so that whatever action you perform is performed in the game! From heroic battles, to sports and fitness, to simply having a dance, Kinect is guaranteed to get you off the sofa and interacting with your games. And not only that, you can even use the Kinect Sensor to navigate through the game menus with a flick of your arm.

There are two ways you get your hands on Kinect: Already have an Xbox 360? Just grab Kinect with Kinect Adventures. This includes the Kinect Sensor and the game Kinect Adventures, a series of fun mini-games that will get you started straight away. You can float in outer space, experience the roar of rapids or tackle mountaintop obstacle courses.

Otherwise you can get your Kinect bundled in with a new Xbox 360. Whether you want to go all out on a 250GB Xbox 360 or prefer the 4GB version, the new Xbox 360 consoles are the best way to experience Kinect. Both consoles are ready for Kinect to slot straight into the console. You'll also get Kinect Adventures to get you started!

Jump in to a whole new world of Xbox gaming and order Kinect for Xbox 360 today!

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