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GAME App - Frequently Asked Questions

So, here you are - you've downloaded our app and you have questions to ask. The good news is that we've got the answers! Check out our FAQs below and we'll try to sort out any queries or problems you might have. If we haven't answered your question then do us a favour and contact us - we'll get straight on the case.

Q. I can't get past the Ts & Cs screen
A. Ah, that old chestnut. Yeah, it's quite possibly because you're using an Apple device. We've updated the app to fix this so if you download the new version this will all be sorted.

Q. I enter my details but the app won't let me register. What's going on?
A. Ok, we know what's probably wrong here. Chances are we've got your details ever-so-slightly wrong in our system - maybe a mis-spelling of your name or something like that. If you pop into your local store or give our customer service team a shout by going to then it should be a pretty simple fix and you'll be up and running in no time. Little proviso though - if you update your details you'll need to wait a few minutes before updating the app.

Q. How do I switch between cards?
A. Er, you don't. This is a new reward scheme that combines your points values from both of the old schemes and loads them into our new scheme.

Q. So will I get a new loyalty card?
A. Nope, you get a lovely shiny app instead and more space in your wallet.

Q. So why should I merge my cards?
A. Because merging your cards doesn't just save space in your wallet - it brings both of your points balances together, opens up a load of accolades you can achieve for things like trading-in and buying pre-owned, we will have your purchase history in one place so we can improve our customer service, and it means we'll be able to communicate better with you about the services and products that you want to hear about.

Q. Hang on. Accolades - what the devil are you talking about?
A. Remember we said that the new app builds on the best of the old Reward and Elite schemes? Well, we meant it. The Elite scheme had some great accolades - these are rewards for doing certain things (like trading-in a game with 14 days of buying it, buying pre-owned - you even get an accolade for registering this app!). We give you a block of reward points for every one you achieve.

Q. So if I had an Elite card does my progress continue?
A. Absolutely. If you were part-way to achieving an accolade then we've carried that progress over.

Q. Hang on - I was a member of the Elite card for years and my progress isn't showing up? What's the deal there?
A. As it's a new scheme, everyone started together on day one - in the long run, it means there are way more free points up for grabs!

Q. Ok... so if I've already earned an accolade with my Elite card can I earn it again on the new scheme?
A. No. Nice try though ;-)

Q. Ah, that's fair enough. How about this - can I merge extra cards into my account?
A. Yup. You can merge one GAME Reward card and one Gamestation Elite card via the app - if you have extra cards you want to merge then you'll need to pop in to your local store who'll be able to help out.

Q. Will my points be worth the same?
A. Oh yes. Your existing points balance will be worth the same as it was before.

Q. How do I earn and spend points?
A. Earning points is simple - when you buy stuff, trade-in or achieve accolades you can use your app to earn points. If you're transacting in-store you'll need to show the sales assistant one of the QR codes stored on the app which they can scan to earn you points. You can use these same QR codes when you spend points.

Q. Why don't the points I earn update straight away?
A. They do - sort of. The points get added straight away but they don't show up in your account until our back end systems have run. You may have to wait 24 hours before you can spend them

Q. Can I pay with loyalty points if there is no mobile network or WiFi coverage?
A. Yep, we've thought of that too. There are 5 codes stored on your phone which you can use without having to connect to a network. If you have used all the codes, you will need to be connected to download more.

Q. How do I know which QR codes have already been used
A. Each of the codes are single-use and when you have used a QR code in-store one of our store team will tell you that you should delete it. You can do this by pressing 'Get new code' on the QR Code screen. Easy.

Q. Which devices can I use the app on?
A. the app works on all iPhones and iPods with iOS v4.3 onwards, most Android devices running 2.3 onwards and all Windows 8 phones.

Q. How secure is the app?
A. More secure than carrying around a plastic card, that's for sure. We've done a load of security work and the best way to make the most of that is to add a PIN to the app - and to your phone as well if you haven't already. You will be asked to enter your PIN each time you start the app.

Q. What if I don't have a smartphone? Can I carry on using my existing card?
A. Yeah, absolutely. All existing Reward/Elite cards will continue to work. If you've got both cards you can combine them onto your GAME Reward card - just visit your local store and ask them to merge.

Q. So if I stay on the plastic card can I still use it online?
A. Yep, not a problem - the easiest way to do this is to make sure the card is linked to your online account. If your card was already linked then you don't need to do anything, but if not, you can easily link on the website. Click here to find out more!

Q. I've got the option to set up my 'home' store. What's that all about?
A. A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma...right now you can set up one store as your 'home' store and add up to four other 'favourite' stores. "But what's that going to do?" we hear you ask. Not telling… yet… trust us though, it's going to be well worth it...

Q. The coming soon chart has now got little calendar icons - what can I do with that then?
A. Ah, well, it's pretty simple and pretty useful - you can select titles from the 'Coming soon' chart and add them to the calendar on your phone so you get alerted. Very handy indeed.

Q. I have another scanner on my app - what does it do?
A. Right now it does one thing and one thing only - scan QR codes. Well, you could use it for other things too if you want but it won't do much... yet. We do have some pretty exciting things in the pipeline, expect news in the near future!

So that's it! You're at the bottom of the page. Hopefully you're all sorted now - if not, please contact us with whatever your question or issue is and we'll give the fixer elves a kick and get 'em working. Cheers.


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