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Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V

    • Street Fighter V Screenshot
    • Street Fighter V Screenshot
    • Street Fighter V Screenshot
    • Street Fighter V Screenshot
    • Street Fighter V Screenshot
    • Street Fighter V Screenshot
    • Street Fighter V Screenshot
    • Street Fighter V Screenshot
    • Street Fighter V Screenshot
    • Street Fighter V Screenshot
  • Street Fighter V

    Release date: 16.02.2016

    Prepare for the battle of a lifetime as the legendary fighting franchise returns in Street Fighter V. The prestigious series returns in one of the most stunning entries to date.

  • Ryu Battle Costume Order Bonus

    Order Street Fighter V on PS4 and receive an alternative costume for Ryu, available only at GAME!

    Strong and grizzled, Ryu emerges from a long period of training ready for the next opponent! The alternative costume will help you stand out from the crowd and make sure your opponents never forget who destroyed them in the fight.

    Ryu Battle Costume POder Bonus
  • Street Fighter V Steelbook Edition - Only at!

    Street Fighter V Steelbook Edition - Only at GAME!

    Enter the Street Fighter V battle in style with the Steelbook Edition for PS4, available only at GAME.

    Complete with a stunning Day One Steelbook to display your game in, the Steelbook Edition is the best way to show your love for the franchise. With a detailed depiction of Ryu on the front, the Steelbook is the perfect addition to any fans collection.

  • Street Fighter V Standard Edition

    Enter the next generation of fighting with Street Fighter V on PC!

    Combining stunning visuals with brutal combat, Street Fighter V is everything you could want from a fighting game. With easily accessible controls, you'll be able to perform all manner for devastating attacks to take down your opponents and prove yourself to be the best fighter around.

    It's time to take to the street and prove that you're a fighter to be feared in Street Fighter V!

    Street Fighter V Standard Edition
  • Street Fighter V Season Pass

    Street Fighter V Standard Season Pass

    Take your Street Fighter V experience to the next level on PS4 and PC with the Season Pass.

    Get access to 6 additional characters with the Street Fighter V Season Pass. Prepare to enter the battle with the likes of Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Juri and Urien. On top of that, each of the additional fighters includes a premium alternative costume.

    Get even more action in Street Fighter V with the Season Pass for PS4 and PC!

  • Street Fighter V Controllers

    Take control of the fight with our selection of Street Fighter V controllers.

    With a range of controllers to choose from, dedicate your allegiance to Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li or M. Bison and destroy the competition. Designed specifically with Street Fighter V in mind, these controllers will give you the upper hand on the battlefield, allowing you to unleash frantic combos with the utmost precision.

    Created to suit any play style, each controller allows you to alter button functionalities to fit to your preferred battle strategies.

    Street Fighter V Controllers
  • Street Fighter Merchandise - Only at GAME

    Only at GAME Merchandise

    We have an exclusive range of Street Fighter Merchandise that can only be found here at GAME!

    Dive into the world of Street Fighter Unlimited with an exclusive Ken Masters cover! An action-packed storyline by UDON Entertainment that combines all fighters from the franchise in it's 30-year history.

    Rise up to the challenge with the Official FightPad PRO Controller from Mad Catz. Featuring a specialised D-Pad and multi-purpose analog stick, it's everything you need in a tournament grade controller.

  • Street Fighter Merchandise

    Celebrate the World Warriors legacy with an ever growing range of Street Fighter merchandise.

    Dress for the fight in a selection of jumpers and T-Shirts all decorated with Street Fighter characters or Street Fighter inspired designs!

    Decorate your room with Street Fighter posters or learn more about some of the exciting rivalries between characters with a selection of Street Fighter graphic novels and movies.

    Street Fighter Merchandise
  • Street Fighter V Review

    Street Fighter V Review

    Street Fighter V doesn't rewrite the fighting game rulebook; you still have to quarter circle, forward and punch for a Hadouken.

    But in moving to PlayStation 4 and PC, Capcom made important changes that should help more people jump into the world's premier fighting game series.

    • Capcom