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Quantum Break

Quantum Break

    • Quantum Break Screenshot
    • Quantum Break Screenshot
    • Quantum Break Screenshot
    • Quantum Break Screenshot
    • Quantum Break Screenshot
  • Quantum Break

    Release date: 05.04.16

    From Remedy Entertainment, the masters of cinematic action games, comes a time-amplified suspenseful blockbuster. Time is your greatest weapon as the end of time threatens. An intense and thrilling storyline brought to life through a groundbreaking fusion of live action television and gameplay.

  • Quantum Break - Xbox One Exclusive

    Quantum Break Steelbook Edition

    Time itself hangs in the balance in this thrilling third person action game from Remedy Studios!

    When time fractures it's up to you as Jack Joyce (Shawn Ashmore) to try to repair time as Paul Serene (Aiden Gillen) try to harness his power for a less noble purpose!

    Quantum Break Steelbook Edition includes:

    • Exclusive Steelbook Case.
    • Quantum Break Game Disc
  • Quantum Break

    Quantum Break is a third person action adventure experience that fuses time amplified gameplay with a live action, top quality dramatic show - where the players actions shape the outcome.

    Available Exclusively on Xbox One.

    Quantum Break - Xbox One Exclusive
  • Quantum Break Xbox One Consoles

    Quantum Break Xbox One Consoles

    Enjoy the intense and thrilling story of Quantum Break with one of these Xbox One Packs which include:

    • Xbox One 500GB Black or White Console
    • Quantum Break Digital Token
  • Quantum Break Strategy Guide

    Time has broken and catastrophe has become the playground. In this chaotic environment, the game's hero, Jack Joyce, must fight through epic disasters that stutter back and forth in time.

    Surviving this unstable world - and halting the end of time itself - is only possible by mastering new time powers. Our guide shows players how.

    Quantum Break Strategy Guide
  • Quantum Break - Review

    Quantum Break Review

    Microsoft once again partnered with Remedy Entertainment to deliver another story-driven action-adventure game, this time for Xbox One and Windows 10. For those unfamiliar with Remedy, the developer handled popular titles such as Max Payne and Alan Wake.

    If you're a fan of Alan Wake you will definitely recognize similarities in Quantum Break, but this is a completely new game that offers a unique spin on the patented time travel troupe frequently used in movies and video games.