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  • FIFA 15 Ultimate™ on Xbox One and Xbox 360
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FIFA Ultimate Team™

Lead your own team of stars to success in Ultimate Team™ on FIFA 15!

FIFA Ultimate Team™ (FUT) is back and better than ever in FIFA 15 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Build your own team of footballers from over 12,000 real life players and take on the world. Each loss or victory will depend entirely on your own tactical prowess. With endless possibilities, you call the shots, make the transfers, and build your Ultimate team!

FIFA Ultimate Team™ on FIFA 15 puts you in complete control of your very own football club! Strategise with brand new features such as Concept Squad, which allows you to experiment and build your ideal squad. Once you have your ideal team planned, go out and get involved in the Transfer Market and make your dream a reality!

Keep up with real-life events; FIFA Ultimate Team™ reflects real life games, if a player is performing well that will be represented in-game with boosted player stats! And if you're worried about shelling on a big signing, bring them in on loan instead! Utilise the loan system to bring in some of the most highly sought after players and use them well to earn those important wins!

It's all about chemistry in FIFA 15, match up players from the same club and nation and you'll see spectacular results on the pitch in the form of stunning passes and epic goals! A team takes time to build so bring the right players into your squad and watch your team's chemistry sky-rocket!

It's your team, your way! Build up your own team of superstars and take on the world in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team™!