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Advice for Parents

Advice for Parents

Calling all parents! Do you have a child that enjoys gaming? Do you have a few questions that need answering? Not sure where to find the most appropriate games? Never fear, GAME Junior is here to help.

With a dedicated area in every GAME store and online, GAME Junior is the perfect place for children and families that enjoy gaming. It stocks a wide range of games, accessories and hardware for children aged up to 12 years with expert staff on hand to offer information and advice to even the most tech savvy parents. Let your children browse the website or section in store and be safe in the knowledge that they won't stumble across anything unsuitable.

Featuring all of their favourites - from Pokémon to Pac-Man, Minecraft to Mario Kart - there's guaranteed to be something that will bring a fun gaming experience into any household.

And that's not all... want to make the most of what GAME Junior has to offer? Your children can check out the GAME Junior Club, with all sorts of fun activities and competition for members to get involved with. This is sure to keep them entertained!

Of course we understand you may have a few questions too. Check out our FAQ's below for some info and advice, or speak to one of our friendly expert staff in your local store.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know anything about gaming! Who do I turn to for advice before I buy?

GAME Junior not only sells games suitable for your children, but has trained staff on hand to advise even the most tech savvy parents. So if you're unsure of where to start, pop in to your local store and ask for their advice.

If you can't make into store however, then a huge amount of information is available online. View the games' trailers and check out the reviews, speak to your friends to find out how they handle gaming in their families and most importantly, try the games out yourself before allowing your children to use them to get a real feel for what they're all about.

What games are suitable for kids?

When looking to determine whether a particular game is right for your child, a great way to start is with the PEGI rating on the packaging.

PEGI ratings display either a 3, 7, 12, 16 or 18 age level, indicating how suitable the content of the game is for your children.

PEGI 3 - Considered suitable for all ages.

PEGI 7 - Will contain scenes slightly more frightening.

PEGI 12 - The content is a bit more graphic in nature with mild violence.

PEGI 16 - Violence or sexual activity looks realistic. You can also expect more bad language, and references to criminal activity.

PEGI 18 - Severe and possibly disturbing depiction of violence.

One thing to note is that PEGI ratings do not take into account the difficulty level or skills required to play the game - you will need to judge this for yourself.

What kind of games are out there for children?

There are tonnes of games available for children that are constantly giving children new ways to connect and play. From single player handheld games such as Pokémon, to the online world of Moshi Monsters - there are all sorts to keep your child engaged and all of these are available from GAME Junior.

Should I play with my kids or let them game alone?

It is important to both play with your children and let them game alone. Letting a child game alone gives them the opportunity to explore and approach problems without your guidance and assistance, but playing with them is also an opportunity to bring the family together and it will give you a chance to experience the game for yourself.

What games can we enjoy as a family?

GAME Junior offers a wide range of games for children, which will also entertain the whole family. Games such as LittleBigPlanet and Mario Kart are perfect for some family fun and healthy competition.

Should I keep the console in the lounge or in their bedroom?

This is completely up to you but keeping the console in the living room will allow you to keep control of when and for how long your child/children game for. It also encourages family gaming time, making gaming much more sociable.

How long should I allow them to game for? What is healthy?

This will vary from family to family and really depends on your family dynamic and norms. You may choose to allow your child to game for a short amount of time every day, choose set days a week, or only allow gaming on the weekend.

I'm worried that my kids are spending too much time gaming - what should I do?

To keep control, set rules i.e. amount of time per day/week that they are allowed to game and stick to this. If you're not sure what a healthy amount of time is then speak to friends and family to find out what they do and use this as a guide.

I'm worried that my child is playing inappropriate games, what should I do?

First of all check the PEGI rating to understand whether the content in the game is age appropriate. If this is fine then you should play it yourself. This will enable you to see the skill level required and you will be able to judge whether this is suitable for your child.

What's the difference between software and hardware?

Hardware is the physical aspect you can touch such as the computer, console or an accessory. Software is the non-physical bit you can't, like the game itself, operating system, applications, digital downloads etc.

What is digital content? How does this work?

Digital content is any type of content that exists in the form of digital data. Unlike in the past where you would need to buy a physical disc in order to play a game - platforms such as Playstation Network, Xbox Live and Nintendo eShop mean you can now download the game over the internet, so there is no more cases gathering dust on the shelves. You can buy these digital codes from GAME - which will give you credit to download the game via your console.

So my kids will be talking to other gamers whilst playing, is that safe?

Interaction does tend to take a back seat during gameplay but in general there are many opportunities to make friends, engage in chat and invite each other to play games. So long as the game your child is playing is age appropriate, the majority of people they communicate with will be other children of a similar age.

However if you're concerned, parental controls can help you limit whom children can interact with online. All consoles have settings where you can set a pins/passwords to limit the content children access. Make sure you're around when the console is first set up so you can choose a password or PIN that only you know.

Gaming is expensive! How can I cut the cost?

There are a number of ways to cut the cost of gaming.

• GAME has a huge range of pre-owned games that are available at a reduced price

• Don’t let old games and consoles gather dust, bring them in store to Trade-In or use our free post service and Trade-In online. All you need to do to make the most of GAME's Trade-In prices is pop along to your local store or use our online Trade-In price checker, to turn your unwanted games or hardware into GAME credit.

• Look out for the huge range of amazing offers and promotions available from GAME all year round.

• Sign up for the GAME Reward scheme to earn points every time you shop.

• Or even better, download the GAME Reward app to get exclusive promotions and earn bonus accolades simply by shopping at GAME. The new GAME Wallet feature on the app will also allow you to keep funds such as reward points, gift cards, trade-in credit, and cash all in one place to make shopping at GAME really simple.