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FIFA 14 (PS3) FIFA 14 (Xbox 360)
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Release Date - 27/09/2013*

Lace up your boots for another season of the beautiful game with FIFA 14 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

The FIFA series has always delivered innovative gameplay to help recreate the drama and excitement of real football, and FIFA 14 is no different.

This year it's all about the emotion of scoring great goals - the challenge of building play as a team, the tension of creating chances, and the thrill of hitting the back of the net. New features like Pure Shot, a brand new ball physics system and new Teamwork Intelligence will help you play the game as it’s really played, letting you develop the skill and the opportunities to score the goal of the season, and reap the benefits!

But that's not all. FIFA 14 also enhances dribbling with new Sprint Dribble Turns and Variable Dribble Touches. New skill games will let you practice and master the skills and abilities you need to become a better player, with challenges for players of all levels.

The world of FIFA off the pitch also continues to expand, with enhanced social features in the EA Sports Football Club - football's very own social network – and a new Global Scouting Network in Career Mode that brings the challenge of professional scouting to life.

Get on the ball and Order FIFA 14 today!

*Xbox One & PlayStation 4 Release Date 22/11/2013


Manage Your Team to Victory With FIFA Ultimate Team

Join millions of fans worldwide and manage your dream football team to success with FIFA Ultimate Team. Buy, sell and trade your players, items and more within FIFA 14 and on the mobile and web app, with real-time performance impacting the world of the game! Read More

EA SPORTS Football Club Official Wired Controller

Featuring custom engineered SmartTrack technology for superior analog stick performance and accuracy. During game play the new SmatTrack feature allows for more accurate shots, tighter turns and far greater control!

The Sports FC wired controller features:
• Re-engineered wider paddle triggers
• Breathable Sports Textures
• Illuminated EA Sports FC Medallion
• Re-contoured Natural Grip


Pure Shot

Nothing beats scoring the perfect goal, and FIFA 14's new Pure Shot feature will help make this happen. Shooting gameplay has been transformed, giving the players on the pitch the intelligence to adjust their pace and angle to find the best position and get the ball in the back of the net. Plus, you can now take your shot while off-balance or rushed, letting you get your very own "did you see that?!" moment!

Real Ball Physics

Force, finesse and the trajectory of the ball are now yours to control thanks to Real Ball Physics. Adjust the angle you approach the ball, strike with force from a distance, drill low rising shots with accuracy and master difficult dipping and swerving shots just like real footballers!

Protect The Ball

Strikers may get the glory, but the midfielders are the ones who really dictate the pace of the match with the new Protect The Ball feature. Control the ball and the tempo of play, and fend off and block defenders, all while dribbling at any speed. You can even out-muscle opposing players for position and turn defenders to make the best opportunities for your team.

Teammate Intelligence

The team on the pitch will work together as a team like never before. Improved intelligence and decision-making will deliver tighter and smarter marking and improved run tracking. Defenders will recognise the best opportunities, providing the support needed to win back possession, while Attackers can outsmart the opposition by creating space for themselves.

Global Scouting Network

New to Career Mode is the Global Scouting Network, giving you the even more opportunities to build the perfect team. Develop and refine your own scouting network to search and evaluate new talent all year round, and uncover the best players to improve your squad during transfer windows. A new hub gives easy access with fewer interruptions to your quest to becoming champion!

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Some strong refinements that keep things running smoothly, with new shot types and nice additions to Ultimate Team; if you love FIFA, you'll love FIFA 14 read more

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