Oculus Quest 2: The Rise of VR

Virtual reality has become one of the fastest growing areas of gaming over the last decade. Virtual reality offers the opportunity to become a part of the gaming worlds we explore, we can travel the world from home, work alongside robots and battle against zombies in a more interactive way than ever before. As we move towards more advanced and immersive gaming experiences how has the gaming industry changed and how could VR change the world outside of gaming?

The Oculus Quest 2 has taken the VR world by storm, becoming the most popular headset on the market, but just how does the Oculus Quest compare to its competitors? We’ve taken a deep dive into their industry dominance.


Rank Keyword Search Volume 12 Month Trend
1 vr oculus quest 2 22,200 24536.0%
2 vr quest 2 12,100 7018.0%
3 virtual reality and immersive environment example 590 5800.0%
4 vr kings 6,600 1957.0%
5 vr accessories 9,900 1275.0%
6 virtual reality arcade london 140 967.0%
7 vr xbox series s 320 700.0%
8 vr vs pc 720 631.0%
9 vr birmingham 140 556.0%
10 vr headset ps5 1,600 515.0%

The Oculus Quest 2 was released in October 2020 and has since dominated the VR landscape, with over 22,200 searches a month for the headset and a further 12,100 for ‘vr quest2’’.

Searches for examples of virtual reality and immersive environments have shot up by 5800% in the last 12 months. This trend shows the increased demand for more immersive experiences within VR as the technology allows for games to become increasingly interactive and realistic.

There has been a 700% increase in searches or ‘vr xbox series x’ and a 515% increase in searches for ‘vr headset ps5’ highlighting the demand for console compatible VR.



As VR becomes more popular which devices are dominating the VR industry and which brands prove most popular? We’ve looked at which consoles are being searched for the most and which ones hold the highest market share to reveal the most in demand VR device.


VR Device Monthly Searches
Oculus Quest 2 368,000
Oculus Quest 110,000
PlayStation VR 60,500
Valve Index 27,100
HP Reverb G2 14,800
HTC Vive Cosmos 1,900

When it comes to monthly searches the Oculus Quest 2 currently dominates, with over 368,000 a month for the latest release from the Oculus brand. The Quest 2 has been a big hit with fans since its release in October 2020, with its sharper screen, light design and competitive pricing and the Oculus model also offers a number of accessories to compliment the release.

The original Quest sits behind the new model, keeping Oculus dominating the top posts. The Quest which was released by Oculus in 2019 and still receives 110,000 searches a month.

Following the Oculus devices is the Playstation VR headset. Released in 2016, the headset was designed to work alongside the Playstation 4 but also offers forwards compatibility with the new generation Playstation 5.

The Valve Index receives 27,100 searches a month.



Whilst VR is known for its ability to elevate gaming the technology is also growing in other sectors.

VR can also be used creatively in education and in workforce training where practices such and health and safety can be carried out in more realistic environments. As VR develops it looks to become more important in industries such as manufacturing and automotives as the immersive experience enhances everything from designs to sales and marketing.

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