Commodore Amiga 500: The Jack of All Trades

When you hear Commodore Amiga 500, you may feel overwhelmed with nostalgia and good memories. The console/computer was instantly recognised as a multimedia machine. From homework, gaming to programming, the Amiga 500 could do it all. We’ve got everything you need to know about the Amiga 500 and the brand-new A500® Mini.

About the Commodore Amiga 500

The Amiga 500 was first introduced in 1987 and went on to be Commodore’s best-selling model. At the time, it was capable of a wide variety of tasks and argued to be a home computer. However, it’s most popular and widespread use was for gaming where the graphics and sound coprocessors brought them to life. It’s estimated that over 6 million units were sold its most famous for its video game consoles.

After the success of the 500, the Commodore Amiga 500 Plus (also known as A500 Plus) was launched as an enhanced version of the multimedia home computer. It introduced new version of Kickstart and Workbench along with some minor improvements to the chips.

The Amiga 500 was discontinued in 1991 as video games began to really take off. It’s now considered a collectible so there are still many in existence and worth a lot of money!

Commodore Amiga 500 vs. Atari ST Rivalry

There was a huge rivalry between Amiga and Atari ST owners with a big debate over which was the best home computer. But it wasn’t just between players, there was a lot of controversy surrounding Commodore and Atari – something to do with the chips that Amiga used. Despite all this controversy, the Atari ST line was created by Commodore’s founder.

THE A500® Mini

If you wish you could re-live your memories on the classic home computer, you can! The A500 Mini is a compacted version of the classic home computer. It features the original A500 and Enhanced Chip Set from A500+, as well as Advanced Graphics Architecture from the A1200. The mini version comes with 25 classic Amiga games including Alien Breed 3D and Worms, or you can load your own games via a USB stick offering an array of games to choose from.

Whether you owned an original A500 or have wanted to try the classic computer, the A500 Mini showcases because the computer become so popular. Pre-order the Mini version here.

The Most Influential Amiga Games

We’re sure everyone has their own list of defining games that made the Amiga computers so popular. There are so many notable games, so we’ve chosen just a few to discuss and recommend playing on The A500® Mini.

Alien Breed 3D

Alien Breed 3D is a first-person shooter by Team17 and is the fourth in the series. The game featured a variety of maps with different platform and floor depths which is something its close rival, DOOM, couldn’t replicate with its engine. It was ranked the 12th best game of all time by the Amiga monthly newspaper and was certainly a fan favourite.


Another popular game developed by Team17 is Worms, a 2D tactical turn-based game. Players would take turns to choose a worm and kill the opponents’ worms using tools and weapons to win the game. Whilst the game divided critics, it was a massive success with players selling 250,000 copies in under 6 months.


Even if you didn’t have an Amiga 500, you most likely have heard of Lemmings. Developer DMA Design released Lemmings in 1991 and it many hold fond memories of the game on the Amiga. There were 120 levels that required fast-paced puzzle solving to save the Lemmings as they walk blindly through the world.

Speedball 2

For the sports fans, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe was a real treat. The miscellaneous sports game was released in 1990 and is based on a futuristic cyberpunk sport and combines elements of handball and ice hockey. It was released on the Amiga 500 as well as on a variety of iconic consoles including the SEGA Mega Drive and Game Boy. It is one of the most successful games of all time being voted by Amiga Power as the 3rd best game of all time.

Relive these defining games on the A500 Mini and pre-order your retro gaming console here,or join the Amiga 500 mini social conversations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!