Microsoft Flight Simulator - Top 5 Holiday Destinations

As we all know, 2020 and 2021 haven't been great years for travel. But with Microsoft Flight Simulator landing on Xbox Series X|S on 27th July, you can take flight with the most authentic and realistic flight simulator ever created by Microsoft.

This incredibly accurate, detailed recreation of the Earth will give you the chance to see destinations you’ve not had the chance to visit yet, or even re-discover your favourite places with a whole new perspective as you cruise past at high altitude. Taking full advantage of the Xbox Series X|S’s technology, Flight Simulator is the most photorealistic simulation on the market and is set to provide you with unrivalled immersion!


Our Xbox ambassador sat down with two pilots to discuss how realistic Microsoft FLight Simulator really is.

Want to get in on the adventures? Here are 5 amazing ‘holiday at home’ destinations you can visit when Flight Sim launches later this month.


You may think you know London, you’ve probably visited a few times. But what you may not have ever seen is the view as you soar through the skies, passing between skyscrapers, the London Eye, Big Ben and all the other attractions London has to offer. It truly paints our capital in a completely different light, and the sheer scale of the city is plain to see. Pass over the beautiful River Thames as you take in the sights of the city – if you’re feeling confident, you could even try landing at Heathrow Airport!


The sprawling megacity of Tokyo is rendered in exquisite detail in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Cruise over all 2000+ square kilometres of the Japanese capital and witness the absolute spectacle of the enormous metropolis. See the Tokyo Skytree, the Imperial Palace or the Meiji Shinto Shrine rendered like never before on Xbox Series X|S consoles. Fly over at night to see the gorgeous glowing skyline as the buildings come to life bathed in neon light.


One of Flight Sim’s most recent updates revitalised the way the United States look. With a fresh lick of paint, there’s never been a better way to explore the vast landscapes of the central US. One of our recommended locations to visit is the ‘Devil’s Tower’, located in north-eastern Wyoming. This huge rock monolith rises 1,558 metres tall and is genuinely awe inspiring. It truly looks out of this world looming on the horizon, and Microsoft Flight Sim is an amazing way to get up close to the monument and take it all in. Surrounded by large, sweeping rural land and forests, even the serene location is worth a look in today’s stressful times.


Japan makes another grand appearance on our top 5 list, thanks to another brilliant update by Microsoft, rendering Japan in unbelievable detail. If you don’t fancy the Tokyo skyline, why not head out to the countryside and see a breathtaking natural formation – the enormous Mt. Fuji. Soaring into the clouds 3,776 metres above ground, Mt. Fuji needs to be seen to be believed, and there’s no better way to see it than by flying up close, as high as you can.


Last but not least, it’s what you probably expected to see on this list – the Big Apple. The city so nice they named it twice looks the part in the latest version of Microsoft Flight Sim, with every skyscraper, tower and monument beautifully realised in real time as you soar through the skyline. We recommend you fly-by the Empire State building, the statue of Liberty, and take a leisurely cruise over Central Park to see some greenery in the concrete jungle. As with the other cities on our list, be sure to fly over at night to see the city illuminated from above!

And there you have it! Our top 5 picks for locations you should visit on Microsoft Flight Simulator. The best part is, you don’t just have to pick one! In fact, there are endless incredible sights to see, Microsoft Flight Simulator will be opening the skies to millions of new pilots on Xbox Series X|S on July 27, 2021 and will be available with Xbox Game Pass on the same day. Pre-order and start the countdown now with GAME.