The Best Gaming Chairs for Xbox Series X|S Consoles

So, you’ve just got your new console, you’ve subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and you suddenly have access to over a hundred new games to play on Xbox Series X|S. That’s a lot to work through, and you’re going to want to be comfortable while you do it - that’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the best gaming chairs to compliment your Xbox Series X|S.

Whether you’re sailing the ocean under pastel-coloured skies in Sea of Thieves or you’re pushing back the Locust and hunkering down against waist-high cover in Gears 5, here are the best gaming chairs to support those long play sessions.

Not all chairs are created equal. If you’re planning to have a marathon gaming session, you need a chair that will support your spine and help immerse you into the virtual world you’re about to spend a hundred hours roaming in. Whether you want pure comfort, style, or game-enhancing features, there’s a gaming chair for you. Here are our top picks:

Best Xbox Series X|S Gaming Chair For Comfort

The GT Omega Pro Racing Office Chair has a unique hugging style offering lumbar support and luxurious back support. This is a slick, office-style gaming chair that’s built for pure comfort. While it doesn’t come with speakers, vibration, or a little button you can press to teleport snacks straight into your mouth, it’s one of the most comfortable gaming chairs around. Fully ergonomic, this adjustable chair comes with 85-190 degree reclining adjustment, height-adjustable mechanism, a removable and adjustable lumbar and neck cushion, and comfortable armrests to support your controller grip.

Best Xbox Series X|S Gaming Chair For Features

The X Rocker Viper won’t sting you, but it will let you feel every sensation your character experiences in the game. Complete with headrest mounted stereo audio speakers and backrest mounted subwoofer, you’re pulled into the world as bullets whizz past your ears and giant footsteps shake your bones. And if that subwoofer isn’t enough rumble for you, tri-motor vibration reacts to loud noises in-game, translating them into vibrations in the chair. Get hit in-game and you’ll feel it in real life, but it’ll be more like “ooh”, rather than “ow”.

Best Xbox Series X/S Gaming Chair For Racing Fans

If you’re looking for a brilliant exclusive game to play on Xbox, you can’t get much better than the Forza series of racing games. Pick up the Playseat Challenge Gaming Chair and a compatible racing wheel, and you have your own makeshift arcade experience in your living room. With its unique, foldable design, the chair is easy to set up and simple to put away. Attach the pedals, grip the wheel, and speed through the seasons in Forza Horizon 4.

There we go - some of our most recommended gaming chairs for Xbox Series X|S. Don’t be a slouch and pick one up.