Best Battle Royale Games for Nintendo Switch

Battle royale games are becoming increasingly popular and its easy to see why! Aside from games such as Fornite having such a huge cultural impact, battle royale games are incredibly fun to play. Battle royale games boast endless replayability, player v player system support (meaning you can battle it out with your friends), frequent updates to keep the game fresh, and are generally very affordable.

Playing a round of your favourite battle royale game can be a very casual and non-time consuming experience, making them perfect for passing the time on your lunch break or on the go, which is why the Nintendo Switch is a fabulous console to see you to victory.


The classic arcade game is back with a modern, battle royale twist in PAC-MAN 99. This new take on PAC-MAN allows you to experience its classic gameplay; roaming mazes, eating dots and most importantly, avoiding Ghosts. Achieve all of this whilst competing online* against 98 other players, each of you battling to stay alive. With each Ghost you swallow, a Jammer PAC-MAN will make its way to other players’ mazes and slow them down, but be careful, your opposition may have the same dastardly scheme!

Employ special tactics to switch up your game, and explore a variety of game modes, including offline play and graphical changes. Do you have what it takes to be the last PAC-MAN standing?

*Nintendo Switch Online is required for online play.


Prove your puzzle prowess against 98 other players all around the world* in TETRIS 99. Get ready to experience this iconic puzzle game as you’ve never seen it before, as a battle royale. Strategize and drop your Tetrimino’s and make use of Tetris Line Clears to knock out your opponents to become the sole survivor! Get ready to rack up the points and strike back in Tetris 99.

*Nintendo Switch Online is required for online play.


STAR WARS: Hunters is an upcoming free-to-play arena-based battle royale game which transports the player into the galaxy far, far away to engage in real-time squad battles. Choose from a diverse cast of authentic Star Wars characters such as Stormtroopers, Rebels, Bounty Hunters and more. Each arena is based around iconic Star Wars settings and lays host to fast-paced action and stunning battles. May the force be with you!


Of course, we couldn’t list some of the best battle royale games for Nintendo Switch without including Fortnite. Fornite is a free, 100-player battle royale game that sees the player building huge forts, destroying enemy cover, and outwitting opponents to earn victory. There are a multitude of game modes to explore in Fornite, whether you want to be creative and design your own experiences to be shared with friends, or just kick some butt, you can do it all.

There is so much to explore with Fortnite and endless hours of fun to be had, why not check out Fortnite today?


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the platform battle royale game that recently took the world by storm and has become part of the Nintendo Switch games family! Fall Guys flings hordes of contestants together to race and battle through various rounds of chaotic obstacles until only one contestant is crowned victor.

Each course and obstacle are wonderfully different and allow the player to bend the laws of physics to their advantage as they stumble towards victory. Fall Guys boasts unique seasonal content and regular updates, with new costumes, courses and more to explore and conquer. If you like wacky and comical physics-based failure, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout might be your dream come true!


Apex Legends is an epic free to play battle royale shooter that lays host to legendary characters, each with their own powerful abilities, ready to team up to battle for fame and fortune. Apex Legends has a growing roster of characters full of strength and personality (not to mention awesome abilities to master). Drop in and pick up some sweet loot to give you an advantage against the enemy; after all, Apex Legends is about making strategic calls and adapting your crew’s strengths.

Why not become a legend on the go and take a look at Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch.


If you like your battle royale games to have an element of fantasy, you should definitely check out Realm Royale on Nintendo Switch. This hit fantasy game is free to play and allows you to unleash devastating magic, wield awesome abilities and forge weapons in an action-packed environment. Choose your class and customise your playstyle to dominate the battlefield, whether you soar the skies as a Mage or perfect your stealth as an Assassin. Get ready to call your friends and squad up in Realm Royale!