Everything You Need to Know About Seasons in Sea of Thieves

Ahoy mateys! Gather the crew and get ready to plot your course to find new treasures and adventures in Sea of Thieves. There will be a new way to play this pirate adventure, introducing Seasons with Season One docking on 28th January. We’ve got everything you need to know about the Seasons and what is coming up in Season One.

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What is a Season in Sea of Thieves?

With 15 million players to date, Sea of Thieves is about to get a whole lot more legendary. Each Season will last around three months and will include new features, live events, and plenty of treasure to find. All seasonal content is free for all pirates and there are plenty of rewards to uncover.

But what does seasonal content mean for players? Well, you’ll get to enjoy regular updates full of world-enriching content. Some feature in these seasons will become permanent features. There will also be smaller updates with bug fixes, quality of life improvements, new stock in Pirate Emporium and more.

New Progression System

A new seasonal progression system will also be coming to Sea of Thieves with goals and Deeds to complete! The Trading Company progression system that is currently in the game will continue, but the new seasonal progression system will test your true pirate skills. The new system will have 100-levels to progress through. But you don’t need to hand over your loot to meet your Seasonal goals, you can earn Renown in so many different ways.

There will be new Trials which are individual Deeds that test your exploration, adventuring and battling skills designed to progress your Pirate adventure towards yearning rewards. The Deeds are all different lengths and will include in-game items, running alongside recurring and one-off live Events. The world of Sea Thieves will forever be changing with fresh new things to do.

The Plunder Pass – Sea of Thieves Battle Pass

Fill your chests with loot even quicker with the Plunder Pass. This is an optional additional purchase that will give you an ability to earn more rewards as you raise your Renown. The rewards consist of premium items found in Pirate Emporium including weapons, equipment and new ways to decorate your ships. You’ll still need to reach the levels required, but the loot will be worthwhile.

What’s included in the Plunder Pass?

Lots and lots of loot! The Rewards come from the Pirate Emporium and each Season’s Plunder Pass will contain previously released premium items and special early access to upcoming Emporium ranges. There won’t be any exclusive items available with the Plunder Pass, giving everybody the opportunity to enjoy the luscious loot available.

How much does the Plunder Pass cost?

The Plunder Pass will cost 999 Ancient Coins which can be purchased from the Microsoft Store. You can purchase Xbox Credit here and use this towards the in-game credit. You can also get Ancient Coins by defeating Ancient Skeletons which emerge as you explore islands in Sea of Thieves.

What does this all mean for my pirate adventures?

As you progress through the Seasons, there will be a plethora of opportunities to earn cosmetic rewards by earning Renown. Each Season will have a theme with new clothing sets, special items and Season-specific collectibles. As you progress through the levels, you will begin unlocking Season specific rewards.

What will Season One include?

Season One is available from 28th January and will bring lots of changes with it. From ship cosmetics to sea-spanning voyages, Season One is filled with plenty of new content. One of the events in Season One is called the Champion of Souls Event where you’ll destroy ghost ships and skellies to gather Soul Fragments.

Sea of Thieves is also celebrating the Lunar New Year with the Lunar Festival Ship Set and Lunar Festival Costumes. Get ready to embark on legendary adventures to earn more awards and Renown in Sea of Thieves Season One.