New Xbox Games with Gold for January 2021

A New Year means new games for Xbox players. Kick your feet up, grab your controller and dive into these free games coming to the Games with Gold line-up in January 2021.

These games are available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. All you need is Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to enjoy free monthly games and more amazing benefits.

Little Nightmares

Available January 1 to 31.

Originally released in 2017, Little Nightmares is a platform survival horror game. The dark and whimsical tale follows Six trapped inside The Maw – a massive and mysterious vessel full of corrupted souls. Unleash your imagination and escape the horrors as you seek safety in this menacing world. This game is different from what you would expect, and you will never want the nightmare to end.

Dead Rising

Available January 16 to February 15.

First released in 2006, Dead Rising is back, and it is remastered. Enjoy the original tale of Frank West who is determined to investigate the mystery at Willamette Mall. You must survive the hellish flesh-hungry mob of zombies using any weapons at your disposal. You only have 72 hours to fight off the zombies and discover the real cause of the outbreak.

The King of Fighters XIII

Available January 1 to 15.

The King of Fighters XIII is best known for being an arcade classic. The upgraded version is full of anger and betrayal, where you can let loose a series of devastating strikes and combinations. Play as warriors from previous SNK fighting games like Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting. This is a dream for 2D fighting and is not short of super fighting moves.


Available January 16 to 31.

This action-adventure game set a landmark in video game history for it’s remarkable use of first-person storytelling. When first released in 2004, it set the bar for storytelling immersion by creating the entire game from the main characters perspective. You play as Derrick Cole who is trapped in a lab struggling to remember his past. Using combat, weapons and his newfound powers, he must fight his way out in search of the truth.