Manage Children’s Gaming with Xbox Family Settings

Gaming is a great way to keep the kids entertained. Some games can improve hand-eye co-ordination, problem solving skills and more. Xbox have launched a new Family Settings App on iOS and Android to give parents the tools they need to create the right balance of gaming. Here is how you can manage your children’s playtime with the Xbox Family Settings App.

Approve Purchases

With purchase management tools, parents can have full control over spending habits. With Ask A Parent, parents will receive an email whenever their child wishes to purchase a game or app which needs funds. It is easy to accept or decline giving parents complete transparency on what their children are buying. To limit purchases made on the account, there is also a feature to set up a passkey.

Set-Up an Allowance

Setting up an allowance enables parents to easily add money to children’s account to limit purchases they can make on their own. This is great if they have done well in a test and parents want to treat them but also give them the freedom to choose what they wish to buy.

Keep Track of Purchases

To check all purchases made, parents can view Microsoft Store order history online or from the Xbox console.

Screen Time Limits

Limiting screen time on Xbox

Parents can easily manage screen time and how long their child plays on their console. For example, you can allow 2 hours on a weekday and 4 hours on a weekend. This easily changeable so parents can allow more time in half term if they wish. There is also a feature to grant additional screen time which is particularly useful if they did well on a test or completed their housework!

As well as managing screen time limits on the console, parents can also set limits for specific apps and games. For example, on a school day parents can limit time to 1 hour on Minecraft and 2 hours on YouTube. This gives parents the freedom and control to guide their children towards a healthy balance of gaming.

Content Filters

It is now easy to limit what content children see with the ability to set filters based on the age rating of a game. This means they will be blocked from seeing any games are intended for older players.

Play and Communication Settings

The app also has play and communication settings that enables parents to limit access to playing and communicating with other players. Options vary from blocking all access to all players, limiting to “friends only” or granting permission for older children to play and talk with “everyone”.

Friends List

Access to childrens friend list Xbox

Parents can keep an eye on friends lists and view who has been accepted onto the child’s friends list. For younger children, parents can also approve or decline friend requests your child has made to other players. By turning on notifications, parents can accept or decline friend requests in real-time.

Activity Report

With the in-app activity reports, parents can better understand how many hours a week or day their children are spending on the Xbox. This will show daily averages and how much time they spent on specific games.

Multiplayer Access

Adding filters to children's Xbox

Many kids love to play Minecraft which is rated E10+. The app has a feature specifically for Minecraft which lets parents easily enable access and multiplayer capability of the game. Younger children may want play with friends, and this feature lets parents unlock this capability quickly.

With the Xbox Family Settings App, parents and families can feel empowered to have conversations with children about their playtime and how to balance gaming with other responsibilities. New features will be introduced in the future to give families everything they need for safe gaming.

Haven’t downloaded it yet? Download on iOS or Android today. Remember this app works with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.