Free PS Plus Games in October

Its everyone’s favourite time of the month. No, not because of Pay Day, but because we finally get to see what free games we can get our hands on! Below are the two games you can download for free with a PS Plus membership in October 2020.


Ready to get into the Halloween spirit? Become a Vampyr. Skulk the streets as newly turned Dr. Jonathan Reid and fight against the undead in Vampyr, available for free from October 6th with PS Plus. Manipulate your, supernatural abilities to save London or bring it to its doom. Remember, your unholy actions will shape your story.

Need for Speed Payback

Perhaps you’d prefer to live out an action driving fantasy? Need for Speed Payback might just tick your boxes. Your car is at the centre of everything you do in the underworld of Fortune Valley, including searching for vengeance against a nefarious criminal cartel. This fantastic addition to one of the worlds bestselling video game franchises can also be downloaded for free this October with a PS Plus membership.

What will you be getting your hands on this October? Remember, to get these awesome games for free, you’ll need a PS Plus membership, you can grab one of those right here!