Beginners Guide to PlayStation VR


What is PlayStation VR?

PlayStation VR or PS VR is the virtual reality system for your PlayStation 4. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in over 500 truly breath-taking virtual reality games and experiences. Put yourself at the centre of an extraordinary gaming universe with PS VR exclusive games, hyper-real 3D environments and incredible clarity – all powered by your PS4 console.

Top Tip

Before you invest in a virtual reality headset, it’s worth noting that you will need a clear area around you. As soon as you pop that headset on, you’ll no longer be in your living room so it’s important to create a safe space. Just in case you knock something over, tread on the cat or fall over the sofa, be sure to create a clear area in your home.

How do I start using PlayStation VR?

The easiest way to begin your journey into PlayStation VR is to grab a Starter Pack, which includes the headset, PlayStation Camera, PlayStation VR Worlds and all the things you need to set-up PS VR with your PS4. You can also grab some PS VR Starter Pack bundles which come with a VR game included.

Or perhaps you want to go all out? Well, we’ve got the bundle for you, with the PlayStation VR Mega Pack. This bundle comes with the PS VR headset, PlayStation Camera, PlayStation VR Worlds, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR and Everybody’s Golf VR. What’s more is you’ll get Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality plus a 2 month NOW TV entertainment pass, too.

PS VR Games

There are over 500 incredible PS VR games and experiences on Sony’s roster to give you a bounty of experiences! PS VR games boast hyper-real 3D environments for you to explore in clarity, powered by your PlayStation console. Below are some games you can enjoy on VR which highlight the impressive variety of PlayStation VR, but be sure to check out our full range of PS VR games right here! From fun family games to compete with each other or a terrifying horror adventure, there is something for everyone.

Blood and Truth

Star in your own explosive action movie. Blood and Truth will see you battling through a crime-ridden London underworld as an elite SAS soldier, on your deadliest mission yet… to save your family from a criminal empire. Take out your targets with epic gun play and dive, parachute and rappel your way across the city. Blood and Truth is a unique and incredible VR experience and a great addition to the PS VR gaming roster!

Down the Rabbit Hole

Inspired by the Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland tale, Down the Rabbit Hole will show you what Cheshire Cat meant when he said, “we’re all mad here”. You discover a girl in search of her lost pet who has wandered into Wonderland. Control the girl’s fate and plot her journey through the immersive VR diorama wrapped around you. Down the Rabbit Hole will see you exploring the most wondrous corners of Wonderland as you solve puzzles, uncover secrets and make important decisions along the way.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners- The Complete Edition

Experience a more sinister side to VR and face all the horrors that the living and the dead can offer in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. Travel through the ruins of New Orleans as you fight, sneak, scavenge and survive. The city is infested with walkers and its down to you to unravel a mystery within the city. This free roam survival horror gives the player a truly terrifying, immersive 360 horror experience. Be sure to check out The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners- The Complete Edition, coming this November!

PlayStation VR Accessories

You can grab a bunch of PlayStation VR accessories to further enhance your VR experience. You can play PSVR compatible games with just the headset, but the accessories will immerse you further.

Accessories such as the PlayStation VR Aim Controller allow you to feel every shot and aim with even more precision, taking down your targets with deadly accuracy. Not to mention, having a controller better suited to your game adds a whole new level of realism to VR games. You can check out our full range of PS VR accessories, including a PS VR Move Controller Dual Charger right here!