Why the Nintendo Switch Lite is Great for Gamers on the Go | GAME Blog

Why the Nintendo Switch Lite is Great for Gamers on the Go | GAME Blog

Why the Nintendo Switch Lite is Perfect for the Gamer on the Go

The Nintendo Switch has fantastic functionality, particularly with how easy it is to plug-in and play on your TV. But the Nintendo Switch Lite is a perfect companion console! If you already own a Nintendo Switch, it’s incredibly easy to set up the Switch Lite system with Nintendo Switch Online – and it’s worthwhile. Here’s why the Nintendo Switch Lite is fantastic as a secondary console.

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It’s better for handheld gaming

Whilst the Nintendo Switch does provide a great experience in handheld mode, the Switch Lite feels even better. It has a slightly smaller screen measuring 5.5 inches with a 1280 x 720 screen resolution. This means that games can look much crisper and sharper. The console size and weight are smaller and lighter than the regular Switch. It’s just about the perfect size to fit into a jacket pocket, so it’s easier to take the Switch Lite with you for gaming on the go.

The Smaller Size Doesn’t Lack Quality

Even though the Switch Lite is slightly smaller, it still feels high quality. The matte plastic finish feels nice to hold, and the bold colours available make a statement. Because the Joy-Con’s are attached, it feels sturdier and the buttons are extremely satisfying to press. They feel softer and are quieter when you push them, overall, it’s just a well-designed console. Once you pick it up, you won’t want to put it back down!

They’re great for kids if you don’t want to share consoles

If you don’t want to hand over your Nintendo Switch to the kids, that’s fine! In fact, the Nintendo Switch Lite may be better for them. Because of the size, it fits in their hands better and makes for an enjoyable experience. The console is slightly cheaper too so you can save your money there and spend the savings on new Nintendo games!

Is it practical to have two Nintendo Switches?

It’s incredibly easy for you to own two consoles. Using the Nintendo Switch Online service, transferring cloud saves and your data from specific games is quick and easy. Simply install the same game on both Switches and transfer your data via the cloud (or local Save Data Transfer function).

Just remember to connect to the internet

For the docked console (or non-primary console), it will need to remain connected to the WiFi to play your purchased games. However, if you treat the Nintendo Switch as a home console and the Switch Lite as a console for on the go, this won’t be a problem!

How to Link One Nintendo Account to Two Switches

Step One: When you boot up your new console, you’ll need to link your Nintendo account with your console.

Step Two: If you plan on using your new Switch Lite as the primary console, you’ll need to go onto your old Switch to deregister it. For this, you need to go into eShop, enter your password, and click on the picture on the top right-hand corner. You’ll then see a ‘Primary Console’ option and then select the ‘Deregister’ button underneath.

Step Three: Next, go onto your new Switch Lite, follow step two again and confirm it is the new Primary Switch. Your Nintendo Switch account will be locked to both consoles.

That’s it! You’re ready to enjoy both consoles together.

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