5 Top Tips for Playing DOOM Eternal | GAME Blog

5 Top Tips for Playing DOOM Eternal | GAME Blog

5 Tips for Playing DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal is the latest addition to the DOOM series, produced by Bethesda and, in our expert opinion, is a must play! However, taking on the demonic forces of Hell can be a tricky task - but it makes for fantastic entertainment! DOOM Eternal offers gritty, fast- paced, gory action; and if you’ve never played a DOOM game before, this battleground of blood can be quite the frenzy if you’re not used to it.

To save button-bashing your way to victory, we’ve put together 5 easy to remember tips to get yourself in the Doom Slayer’s shoes!


DOOM Eternal is a game full of secrets and hidden items, and although it’s very easy to get caught up in the fast-paced action of the game - it is crucial you explore the arenas of the fortress as soon as you’ve cleared an area!

Secrets you find will be things like health, armour, toys and albums. These may not seem totally important, but they all lead up to gamer satisfaction. We promise you, when you get to the end of a tricky level, you’ll want to see all the blank slots fill up!

Never Stop Moving

This tip is more like two tips in one. It’s crucial to never stop moving AND use up every area in the arena during combat. These demons are remorseless, if you stop moving, you’ll be dead in no time. The arenas in DOOM Eternal are intricate and complex, make for a lot of fun exploring during a fast- paced battle.

Using every inch of the arena around you will give you hidden advantages such as energy strips, power-ups, health and ammo. Plus, if you do a bit of running around, you’ll be sure to find the high ground.

Your Chainsaw is your best friend

Don’t be shy! If you get up close and personal to a demon, it’ll work in your advantage. Killing a demon with your chainsaw gets you some extra ammo AND - if you do a Glory Kill- not only will you kill the demon, but also bag yourself some health!

Side note, these Glory Kills would be better named ‘Gory Kills’. They’re BRUTAL. So, just a warning if you do have a nervous disposition, close your eyes for a Glory Kill.

Its good manners to Flame Belch

Using your flamethrower, the Flame Belch, not only looks badass; but can also give you some extra armour shards as you tuck into some barbecued demon. By setting your enemies ablaze, you also do a tonne of damage over time. When you’re sending out a stream of fire, be sure to turn left and right to deal damage to as many enemies as possible!

Read everything you can

Between arenas you may see a screen pop up showing you information on a demon and, more importantly, how to kill it. Reading and watching these screens are super important as this will be a demon you may have not come across before. Watch the clip carefully and you’ll be in a good place to take on a brand-new beast!

Good luck in the fortress!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become the Doom Slayer and defeat the undead demons of hell, check out all things DOOM Eternal here and experience the ultimate combination of speed and power! Don’t fret, you can enjoy this masterclass of carnal combat on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

We'll see you in the fortress, Doom Slayer!