Top 5 Scariest Enemies in Resident Evil 3

If you’ve played a Resident Evil game before, you know that there’s always that one enemy that gives you chills. No matter how prepared you think you are, you’ll always feel weak at the knees from fear. But that’s what we know and love from the video game series.

We know you’re ready for the excitement of stepping into Jill Valentine’s shoes and showing Raccoon City who’s boss! But before you gear up and get ready to take on the monster infested city, you might want to know what you could be up against. We’re going to take you through some of the disturbing enemies you may come across in your horror-filled adventures through the remake of Resident Evil 3!


Well, why not start with the basics? Zombies.

It’s no surprise that at some point during Resident Evil 3, you will come across a few Zombies. Resident Evil zombies are iconic… but terrifying. They lurch at you and emerge from the shadows, seemingly, out of nowhere. You’ll finally feel safe in a quiet alleyway then BAM, you’ve been grabbed, bitten and need to get yourself some mixed herbs ASAP. As a general rule in Resident Evil games; if you see some herbs, just grab them.

The graphics of the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis made Zombies look extremely grainy and, by default, super creepy. However, the remake of Resident Evil 2 showed how modern graphics can make Zombies look gory and grotesque; so, get ready for Resident Evil 3 zombies to be next level!

They’re an undead nightmare and you better be prepared to deal with plenty of them in the remake of Resident Evil 3. Well, we hope so – or just play with the lights on.

Giant Spiders

Yeah, sorry, you did read that right. Giant spiders are a thing and they’re as scary as they sound. These eight- legged beasts are the product of ordinary spiders coming into contact with the T-Virus and mutating… Imagine the creepiest spider you’ve ever seen but on a colossal scale.

Resident Evil 3’s giant spiders are grotesque, venomous and boast the element of surprise. These arachnids will literally appear right in front of you, but if you listen super carefully, you’ll be able to hear them scurrying and thumping around. They’re HUGE and, due to insane graphics, remarkably lifelike. Thanks Capcom.

As long as you’ve got a shotgun to hand, these monsters should, in theory, be no problem for you. (Except they’re super speedy and can walk on walls and ceilings).

Hunter Beta's

They’re back! If you’re familiar with the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis you’re sure to know of Hunter Beta’s, but if you don’t, we’ll give you a quick run down. They are disgusting looking, as if a reptile has been horribly mutated and disfigured.

This enemy is very powerful and likes to jump metres in the air, scaring you silly in the process. They’re as dangerous as they are ugly, they can swipe at you, jump at you and slash your chest and vital organs.

You’ll need a decent amount of firepower to get through these bad boys, so just do what you can with the ammo you have and hope for the best!

Grave Digger

A Grave Digger is a gargantuan underground worm which can burrow through Raccoon City at break-neck speed, making it very hard to know when you’re going to find one. We hope that you don’t.

You’ll know a Grave Digger when you see one. They’re enormous, with more teeth than we’d care to mention, and boast an incredibly powerful attack. Its always best to avoid these, so try and listen out for it approaching and avoid any attacks you can!

In the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Grave Digger’s were a boss fight, so we can take a guess that it will be a boss fight in the 2020 remake of Resident Evil 3 - unless we’ve got something much bigger to worry about…


Now for the main attraction, the real enemy in Resident Evil 3… Nemesis.

The truest challenge of your survival skills will be Nemesis. This enemy is a relentless bioweapon with unpredictable mutations and an overall menacing look. Nemesis towers over a regular human; it can use its arsenal of weapons against its target and can track you anywhere.

In this new adaptation of Resident Evil 3, you will experience an all new AI system regarding Nemesis, making it more terrifying than ever. Nemesis is the first enemy every which can invade save rooms. So, nowhere is safe. You also won’t be able to dodge it’s attacks the old-fashioned way. We’ll leave it to you to figure out how to defeat this horrifying enemy. Nemesis itself also has a new look in the Resident Evil 3 remake, making it leaner AND meaner (as if it were possible).

Be prepared to deal with this next-level enemy with its superior intelligence, physical strength and unmatched firepower.

See You In The City

If you think you’ve got what it takes to take on these enemies and defeat Nemesis, why not check out the Resident Evil 3 remake right here! We hope we haven’t scared you too much.

We’ll see you in Raccoon City! Get your copy of Resident Evil 3 Remake at GAME today.