Our 10 Most Anticipated Games for 2020 | GAME Blog

Our 10 Most Anticipated Games for 2020 | GAME Blog

Our Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2020

2020 is set to be a pretty big year in gaming. We have two next-gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, arriving in Winter 2020 and plenty of new video games being released throughout the year. We could have predicted what we think are going to be the top games for 2020, but we asked you instead – the gamers. These are the games you voted as the most anticipated games for 2020.

10. Ghost of Tsushima

Kicking off the list at number 10 is Ghost of Tsushima. This PlayStation exclusive was first announced in 2017, but a release date was not announced until a few months ago. Sucker Punch Productions have been drip-feeding information to gamers as we long to get our hands on this game. It’s confirmed to be released in Summer 2020, so cancel your holiday plans because you could be playing in the enormous open world of medieval Japan instead.

14.6% of you voted this as one of your top 5 games for 2020. Prepare to explore a war-torn Tsushima and venture onwards to the hidden ancient beauty of feudal Japan. You’ll get to play as one of the last surviving samurai, Jin Sakai. You must honour Japan as you are one the of the last lines of defence, and the invaders are certainly not ready for Jin’s impressive capabilities with the sword. Check it out here!

9. Resident Evil 3 Remake

26% of you voted Resident Evil 3 Remake as your favourite upcoming game for 2020 and we’re expecting the Remake to be better than the original; which left us sat on the edge of our seats in horror, do you have what it takes to survive?

There are some big changes to the gameplay and mechanics to make this game even more hooking than before. Capcom have confirmed that the camera angle will be third person and over-the-shoulder to immerse you fully into the horror. As well as this, character animation has been refined to look more realistic, particularly the protagonist Jill Valentine. It’s released on April 2nd 2020 so if you haven’t pre-ordered yet, you can check it out here!

8. Watch Dogs Legion

Ah yes, the game where you can play as an awesome hacker granny! The Watch Dogs series returns and this time, it’s set in a not so near future in London. Technology rules and now the all-seeing surveillance state is oppressing the people and a powerful crime syndicate is preying on the vulnerable.

You must build the Resistance, and you can play as literally anyone. You can recruit anyone and every person in the game has their own back story, personality, and skill set. 16% of people said this was in their top 5 games! The release date for Watch Dogs Legion is still not confirmed but we’re hoping to get our hands on it before the end of 2020.

7. Dragon Age 4

After the ending of Dragon Age: Inquisition and the teaser trailer for the next game in the Dragon Age series, we’re still not sure what the game could look like. We don’t have a confirmed name, release date, or details of what the storyline will be like. The teaser trailer is very ominous and ends with #TheDreadWolfRises.

28% of you voted Dragon Age 4 as your favourite game for 2020. With so little information revealed, it really does show that the previous games from BioWare left a lasting impression.

6. Halo Infinite

Sitting at number 6 is the next Halo game, with 28% of voters ranking this as their favourite upcoming game for 2020. Halo Infinite was originally announced at E3 2018 during the Microsoft conference. They revealed this will be the next chapter to the world-famous Halo saga. The new game will take the series into a “new and unexpected direction” and promised we’ll get to see more of Master Chief who is the main playable protagonist.

In an interview on YouTube Live, Aaron Greenberg revealed a brand-new engine. “The 343 team has built this purposefully to take Halo in a whole new direction”. The story will be focused on Master Chief and will be bigger and bolder than any game in the series. It’s been confirmed that Halo Infinite will be the launch title for Xbox Series X and will also be available on the current Xbox One console.

5. Marvel's Avengers

The movies were a hit with Marvel fans across the world, and now Square Enix are bringing them to life so you can play as your favourite super-hero in Marvel's Avengers. The game is a story-driven third-person action adventure where players must reassemble and rebuild the Avengers roster to stop a new evil organization.

In an interview with Crystal Dynamics’ Studio Head, Scot Amos, he revealed the story will be completely original and a new creative take on Avengers. He said “it’s certainly a collaboration with our Marvel Games’ friends, who know Marvel and their franchises better than anybody. That, plus Crystal Dynamics… we’re known for our character-driven, third-person action-adventures. Blend these two powerhouses of storytelling together and then expand that with these 80 years of history from Marvel...” The game has recently been delayed and now will be released 4th September 2020, either way, we don’t mind the wait if it means we can play as an Avenger!

4. The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild 2

The sequel to The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild is still very much a mystery. It was announced at E3 2019 that Breath of the Wild 2 is in development with a beautifully crafted trailer suggesting a much darker turn for the next Zelda adventure. With no release date, no confirmation of the final name or any more information, it is still one of the top games that gamers are looking forward to. 21% of you voted it in your top 5 games for 2020, so we hope Nintendo reveals more information soon.

3. Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been a mystery for over a decade. It was first announced back at E3 in 2015, and it’s only in the last year we got to see more of what this remake has to offer. It’s been confirmed to be released on PlayStation 4 only and is a multipart game with the first part taking place in Midgar.

38% of you voted Final Fantasy 7 Remake as your favourite game of 2020, and we can’t blame you. With a new combat system and significant changes to the original, including story points, the Remake is will be worth the wait. The game was originally released on September 7, 1997 and it was a cinematic masterpiece. Over the years, Final Fantasy has become one of the most famous RPG games with a huge fan base. If you didn’t play the originals, you MUST experience a Final Fantasy game for yourself – trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

2. The Last of US Part II

It’s no secret that The Last of Us Part II is a highly anticipated sequel, that we’ve been waiting for YEARS for. Whilst it came 2nd in the list, 43% of voters said it was their favourite game out of all 10! We’ll keep this spoiler free in case you’re new to the series, but the first game had one of the saddest moments in gaming history.

The first game follows Joel, who is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse and Ellie, a brave young teenage girl, as they work together to survive the journey across the US. It’s brutal and shows how cities have been reclaimed by nature since the population was slaughtered by a modern virus.

After the ending of the last game, we are longing to find out what happens to the loveable characters… and in 2020 we’re going to find out!

1. Cyberpunk 2077

And the winner of the game you are most looking forward to in 2020 is… Cyberpunk 2077 , with a whopping 50% of all voters saying it was one of their top 5 games that they’re looking forward to. Since we first got a teaser in 2013, we’ve dying to get our hands on the game and the reveals since haven’t disappointed. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Cyberpunk is a narrative-driven RPG set in a dark version of the future.

Cyberpunk 2077 is being developed and published by CD Projekt Red who made the award-winning game, The Witcher 3 – and let’s be honest, this game changed the industry by delivering one of the largest and most convincing fantasy games.

You’ll play as V, a mercenary outlaw who is chasing down a unique implant which is the key to immortality. You can customize all the cyberware, skillset and set your playstyle to suit the way you play – so if you prefer a stealthy approach or to go in all guns blazing, you play to your skills. Every choice you make will shape your story and change the open world.

It’s no wonder why Cyberpunk 2077 continues to be one of the most exciting games on the horizon.

What’s the game you’re looking forward to? Let us know over on our Twitter @GAMEDigital.