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Legends of Runeterra | What You Need to Know | GAME Blog

Legends of Runeterra | What You Need to Know | GAME Blog

Legends of Runeterra - The Upcoming CCG You Can't Miss

Legends of Runeterra is an upcoming strategy card game, set in the universe of League of Legends. Your strategy and decisions will decide your next move, and ultimately if you will be victorious. Developed and published by Riot Games, this free-to-play online collectible card game will be available this year on PC, iOS and Android.

Riot Games said, “we are aiming to shake up the card game formula”, so you can expect a few twists that you might not expect from any other online CCGs. Visually, the game looks very different to what you might see across other similar games. Each play of cards is paired with impressive animations across your screen, making games fun and satisfying to watch.

Choose Your Champion

In the LoL universe, everyone wants to be the best champion and these player-controlled characters have been carried over to Legends of Runeterra. When you load up the game, you can first choose from 24 champions all with their own unique mechanics which are inspired by their abilities in League of Legends.

When you go into a match, you must strategically make your move to become victorious. As you win, your cards will level up giving you game-changing abilities. You don’t have to go into battle alone, however - you can choose from various familiar faces and a new roster of supporting characters who can assist you in each game. Not only is it easy to bring your Champion into a battle, it’s also super-effective if played at the right time. The question is, who will you choose as your Champion?

Crafting a Strategy

Experimenting with your strategy and the way you play will be key to mastering this game. There will be frequent new releases so there will always be new cards and abilities to discover in each region. This means your strategy will be always be evolving as you combine and adapt to battles. Remember, every choice you make is up to you.

Play Your Way

In Legends of Runeterra, you’ll get to pick your cards, meaning you can customise your gameplay to your advantage. Choose your favourite Champion and build a deck of strong characters which will enable you to outwit your opponent. As you play, you will earn cards for free or you can buy what you want in the store. You’re totally in control.

If CCGs are up your street, or you’re a fan of League of Legends, we recommend registering for the upcoming open beta to participate and see what the fuss is all about!

How can I get access to the open beta?

On January 23rd at 19:00 GMT, Legends of Runeterra will be back online. If you played the previous patches then you will get access. If you haven’t played the previous patches, don’t worry! You simply need topre-register here and keep an eye out for an email in your inbox which will grant you access.

As a bonus for being part of the inaugural Beta Season, anyone who plays during open beta will receive an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian once Legends of Runeterra fully launches. To redeem this variant for the Poro Guardian, you’ll just need to log in once during beta (though you won’t get the variant until LoR launches) or within seven days after LoR launches. Don’t worry, your poro pal will wait for you.

What’s new for the open beta?

Riot have been busy making additions to this dynamic game. You can expect to see a new mode called Ranked. This is essentially where you can see where you stand among the best players of Runeterra! Earn LP through divisions as you climb your way up to becoming Master - sound familiar? As soon as you reach 100 LP you can move to the next division. If you want to test different strategies, Riot have made it so that won’t impact your progress. So, when you reach a tier, you will stay in that rank for the rest of the season – after all, you earned it!

As well as this new mode, Riot have added a social panel and friend challenge feature, along with three new guardians and six new boards to personalise your gameplay. They’re also updating 20+ cards in response to player feedback – including a major update to Anivia.

There are also some changes to the overall economy, but more information will be revealed soon. So overall, a bunch of improvements have been made to make sure the open beta is as best as it can be.