Types of Gaming Chairs Explained | GAME Blog

Types of Gaming Chairs Explained | GAME Blog

Types of Gaming CHairs Explained

You might have heard on the grapevine about a mass movement of Gaming Chairs. The notion of owning a chair specifically for gaming could seem ridiculous to some, but to others; these chairs have become a key component to their gaming set-up. These chairs aid in comfort, support, and even help a gamer’s set up look that little bit more professional. Don’t be fooled though, these chairs aren’t exclusive to gaming. Due to the support they provide, they can really aid towards making your work life a great deal more comfortable.

As with a lot of things, gaming chairs aren’t one size fits all. There are a number of different types of gaming chairs for different needs, it can be an overwhelming experience choosing the right one. BUT, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the honours of putting together a handy breakdown of some of the main types of gaming chairs to assist you find the perfect gaming chair!

Gaming Chairs for Kids

The purpose of kid-friendly gaming chairs are to provide the perfect support for the growing gamers of the world. These gaming chairs are typically smaller and have a ‘rocking chair’ type look, aiding towards posture support. This style of chair is ideal for console gaming, allowing the player to get up close and personal to the game, but also relax it out when necessary.

They’re sure to catch your eye as they come in a range of bold designs and vibrant colours. You’ll also find that these chairs are much kinder to your budget as they are significantly cheaper than your standard gaming chair.

All this helps ensure even the littlest of gamers are being nurtured towards becoming the next biggest streamer, with the most support for all the hours of adventure. You can check out our recommendations for gamers aged 12 and under right here.

Top Tip!

We do recommend you check out the dimensions of chairs before purchasing, just to make sure you’ve got the perfect size!

Gaming Rockers and Pedestals

Gaming rockers and pedestals are best suited for all your console gaming needs, enabling you to feel closer to your games! You can get rockers and pedestals in kids sizes, so always be sure to check the dimensions before you seal the deal. We’ll just give you a quick run down on the differences between gaming rockers and gaming pedestals.

Gaming Rockers

Gaming Rockers are gaming chairs which are directly on the floor and have a rocking chair type function. They’re perfect for relaxing and reclining, even when you’re in the most intense games. If you really want to splash out with your chair, you can even grab some with Bluetooth speakers, such as this X Rocker Sentinel which will allow you to play media through the chair! Just to add that little bit extra.

Gaming Pedestals

Gaming Pedestals are essentially a middle ground between a typical gaming chair and a rocker. They’re still very close to the ground, but have a raised platform keeping the bottom of the seat from touching the floor. These chairs are still perfect for reclining and relaxing as they are adjustable and can rotate. Pedestals are a bit more expensive, due to the added features, but are still fairly kind on the bank!

Enhanced Gaming Chairs

Now we move on to more specialist gaming chairs. These enhanced gaming chairs suit the needs of any aspiring eSports racing enthusiast by putting them into the driver’s seat. Ergonomic designs support posture, provide luxurious comfort and truly make it feel as though you’re IN the game.

There are a variety of price ranges for these enhanced chairs, you can start at a fair price for a ‘regular’ top of the range chair, or you could go all out for a specialist Playseat.


Playseats are a whole other world of gaming chairs. Specially designed for gamers who love to race, these chairs have a design which has been adapted to support steering wheels and pedals. A good example of a starter Playseat would be this Playseat Challenge Gaming Chair, just in case you were curious.

If you want to check out some of the options for the aspiring eSports star in your family, you can check them out right here.

Gaming and Office Chairs

The durability and design of these chairs make them perfect for a new or advanced PC gamer, and even make a great office chair. They hold all the fantastic features of regular luxury gaming chairs, such as; adjustability, comfort, posture support and boast modest designs to suit your set up.

So, if you want a chair that will stick by you through everything- support you through the most intense gaming moments, or just provide some comfort on a dreaded Monday at work, you can check out our gaming and office chairs right here and find the perfect asset for your desk.

Final Words

We hope we made your quest for the perfect gaming chair a bit easier! If you want more information before you start your next adventure, you can view our gaming chair page here.