Essential Accessories for your Nintendo Switch


Buying a new Nintendo Switch is extremely exciting. Once you’ve made your purchase, it’s also just as important to protect the console and getting some essential accessories that will help you get the most out of your games.

We’ve put together a list of the best accessories you need to get for your Nintendo Switch. Here’s what we will cover:

  • Carry Cases
  • Pro Controllers
  • Joy-Con's
  • Charging Docks
  • Anti-Glare
  • Headsets
  • Pokéball Plus
  • Amiibo
  • Thumb grips & gel guards

Carry Cases

One of the key features that sets the Nintendo Switch apart from other consoles is its handheld capabilities. This makes it ideal for commuting, travelling and entertaining the littlest members of the family. Through all the travels and adventures, you’ll want your Switch to be safe.

Luckily, there are a wide variety of carry cases and bags to not only carry and protect your Nintendo Switch, but also provide storage for your Switch game cards! We highly recommend that every Switch owner have their own carry case for their console. Whether that’s a subtle slim travel case, or a whole messenger bag for all your Nintendo Switch kit!

You can check out and choose a carry case to your own taste right here.

Messenger Bags

The ultimate carry case for the Nintendo Switch is the Everywhere Messenger Bag. This bag includes a case, room for your docking station, controller and charging cables. The case for your Switch is removable so you can keep it in your case at home and then pack it in the Messenger Bag for on the go gaming. It provides design, security and comfort – it is an essential accessory for your Nintendo Switch.

Pro Controllers and Wired Controllers

We fully understand, Joy-Cons aren’t for everyone, some people don’t get on with them. Not to worry though! You can still enjoy the amazing games the Switch has to offer, on different controllers, no matter your budget.

Pro Controllers for the Nintendo Switch are just like any other Bluetooth controller. Handheld, wireless, and shaped just like a traditional controller. With this controller, you get a more refined gaming experience for the Nintendo Switch, with more ease, more control and more comfort. This controller has all the same features as the beloved Hoy-Cons, on a single, more advanced controller. If you’re serious about gaming, we highly recommend the Nintendo Switch Wireless Pro Controller for your set up.

If you’re looking at the Wireless Pro Controller and thinking it’s a bit pricey, don’t fret, there is a cheaper alternative! The Nintendo Switch Wired controllers have almost all of the same, amazing features as the Pro controllers, just without Bluetooth! They are significantly cheaper and come in a range of striking designs and colours. So, if you’re looking for that same refined gaming experience, without breaking the bank, check out the wired controllers for the Nintendo Switch.

If you’re interested, check out all the different styles and colours, right here!


If you’re a party gamer, or generally love playing co-op with your friends and family; extra Joy- Cons are a must. Having additional Joy-Cons give you the flexibility for more than two players to join in the fun! Plus, you’ll give yourself more time to game if your Joy-Cons’ battery runs out.

There are plenty of beautiful, striking colours of joy-cons for the Nintendo Switch. No matter what your style, you’ll find your dream additions for your console.

Chargers Docks

The Nintendo Switch has an awesome feature of charging its joy-cons whilst it is docked up. However, if you have more than 2 joy-cons, you might need to rotate the charging to ensure all controllers have got enough juice for all your gaming antics!

Alternatively, there are a variety of different charging docks for the Switch, easily charging all of your joy-cons, in one go. More time for gaming, less time waiting! Check out all the chargers and docks right here!


See your games better and protect the touchscreen screen with the officially licensed Anti-Glare Screen Protection Kit for Nintendo Switch. It will minimize reflection which is perfect for when you’re out catching Pokémon and protects from scratches and fingerprints. Keep your new Nintendo Switch in pristine condition with this kit!


With Nintendo Switch Online having so many compatible games, online play has done wonders to the Switch console and we highly recommend you utilize this feature! In order to properly appreciate Nintendo Switch Online, it’s always best to have tools that will allow you to communicate.

Luckily, there are several amazing, Switch-compatible headsets to choose from! The functionality of voice communication and long-lasting comfort allow you to be totally absorbed into your game. You may even hear details in a game you’d never previously noticed.

With a bounty of different styles and a range of prices, you’ll find your perfect headset right here.

Poké Ball Plus

We want to give an honourable mention to the incredible Poké Ball Plus, a modified Poké Ball-shaped Joy-Con specifically made for the Pokémon Let’s Go Pickachu and Let’s Go Eevee games. Now, you may ask yourself, do I really need it? Perhaps not... but you definitely want it.

The Poké Ball Plus adds a whole new dimension to the game, making it even more personal and realistic. Navigating the map and seeking out Pokémon using this controller feels smooth and graceful, reeling you into the expansive world even more. With the added bonus of being able to feel each Pokémon in your hands adds to an incredible gaming experience! If you want to feel like a real Pokémon trainer, check out the Poké Ball Plus controller.


Amiibo’s are a fantastic addition to your set up and are sure to add a whole new layer to your favourite games. If you aren’t sure what an amiibo is; they are interactive, high-quality figurines of everyone’s favourite Nintendo characters, which you can use to unlock new and unique features of a game.

To get technical; an amiibo uses Near Field Communication to send data to your Switch. So, essentially, you just need to pop the amiibo figure near your right Joy-Con controller or your Pro Controller, as these hold a Near Field Communication reader. Depending on what game you’re playing and what character you’re using, this will trigger an exclusive in-game event.

Amiibo’s can give you access to new characters, in-game currency, new skins and, in some cases, new in-game levels! You can check out some awesome amiibo’s right here.

Thumb Grips & Gel Guards

There is also an abundance of additional accessories for the Switch’s Joy-Cons, allowing you to enhance your gaming experience with comfort.Thumb grips and gel guards will provide you with plenty of freedom for comfort.

Thumb grips essentially provide an improved grip when holding your controller. Reducing the risk of thumb slips during high-stakes game play, as well as preventing wear and tear on your thumb sticks!

Gel guards are fantastic for providing an enhanced grip for Joy-Con controllers, with the bonus of significant improvements to comfort. They also add a little something to the overall aesthetic of a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, which is always nice.

Final Words

Have you already tried some of these accessories? What are your thoughts? We hope this guide helped inspire some changes to your gaming set-up and aid towards your best gaming experience!