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PlayStation 4 Pro

One of the key features of the PS4 Pro are the spectacular graphics - 4K TV owners can experience higher quality visuals as well as faster and more stable frame rates than ever before.

The PS4 Pro has double the power of a standard PlayStation 4 console, as well as a 1TB hard drive, enhancing both perfomance and enhanced, more realistic, vivid imagery which is truer to what the human eye would see in the real world. PlayStation 4 Pro complements and works with the PlayStation 4, all games are fully cross compatible and you can connect with friends on PlayStation Plus.

Key features

  • The world's most powerful console
  • Spectacular graphics
  • Ultimate performance
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology
  • Extraordinary entertainment
  • Enhanced gameplay
  • Ultimate Share Play and Remote Play
  • Improve your current setup
  • Play the best games
  • More connections
  • Slick interface
  • Exclusive PS4 features

PlayStation 4

The world's best selling console has a brand-new look! Slimmer, lighter and more energy efficient than before, PS4 now supports HDR tech for strikingly vivid visuals. If you want an awesome all-round gaming and entertainment system - at great value - this is for you.

Combining powerful graphics and speed with intelligent personalisation, integrated social capabilities and innovative second screen features on PlayStation Vita, the PlayStation 4 is a powerful machine to keep up with the demands of the modern gamer.

That power comes from 8GB of unified system memory and new processors, custom built for the speed and strength needed to unleash the rich graphics and immersive gameplay experiences that PS4 will offer.

Key features

  • A stunning new design
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology
  • Internal storage options
  • Play the best games
  • More connections
  • Slick interface
  • Exclusive PS4 features
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