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Tearaway (PlayStation Vita)
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Release Date - 22/11/2013

Get drawn in to an exciting papercraft world in Tearaway for PlayStation Vita.

From the creators of LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway is another unique adventure through a world like nothing you've seen before, a massive 3D open environment that uses real-world physics to bring the paper to life! Here you'll buddy up with your new friend, a papercraft messenger from another dimension, either paper boy IOTA or paper girl ATOI, to help deliver the message kept in their envelope head.

As you embark on a wild adventure inspired by classic stories and legends, Tearaway makes the most of the PS Vita's controls for an experience like no other. Use the microphone to breath storms into the paper land, the cameras to bring your own surroundings into the adventure, and even "see" your own fingers push the environment from below thanks to the rear touchpad! Plus, there are even papercraft templates for you to print off and create in the real world!

Get ready for a ripping yarn and buy Tearaway today!

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PlayStation Vita Bumper Pack

Two exciting worlds await with this special PlayStation Vita bumper pack including the handheld, download versions of Tearaway and LittleBigPlanet Vita and a 16GB memory card. Get your hands on this special pack and play, create, share and tear!

Get Your Scissors Ready!

Let the exciting world of Tearaway continue beyond the game with a host of fun papercraft designs to download, print out and create. Enjoy the Squirrel, Elk and Wendigo Mask – with more to come!

Wendigo MaskPapercraft ElkPapercraft Squirrel