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PlayStation 5 - Register Your Interest

PlayStation 5 - Register Your Interest

Playstation 5

In 2019, Sony announced that a new console is on the horizon. Nearly 25 years after the original PlayStation console was released, they will be releasing the PlayStation 5 – Coming Winter 2020.

Sony have been releasing specs of the new sleek console as well as a totally reworked DUALSHOCK 4 model controller. First, let’s touch on the specs of the console. The PlayStation 5 CPU will be an AMD chip based on Ryzen, the GPU will be custom AMD Navi GPU which supports ray tracing, up to 8K support and a Ultra HD 4K Blu-Ray player so you can expect the console to deliver incredible visuals in game.

One of the biggest improvements will be the audio, as it will include 3D audio which has been described by Mark Cerny (Lead System Architect) as “dramatically different” to the PS4 audio. It’ll work through TV speakers and surround sound, but you’ll get the best experience with a headset.

Worried about losing your impressive PS4 library of games? It is confirmed that the PS5 will support backwards compatibility, and it will have a disc drive.

Loading up games will also be much quicker thanks to the game changing hard drive. The new PlayStation console will have an ultra high-speed SSD! Meaning; loading times in-game, loading up games from the home screen and in-game travelling will be significantly quicker.

Details around the unnamed new PS5 controller have also been revealed. Prepare for a new level of resistance and better rumbles with adaptive triggers, improved haptic feedback and higher capacity battery. With these features the controller will be slightly heavier and we’re excited to see what the design of both the console and controller!

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Outriders will be available on the PlayStation 5 as well as available on PlayStation 4. Create your own Outrider as you embark on a hostile and dangerous journey across the hostile planet. Delve into rich storytelling as you leave the slums behind and head for traverse forests, mountains in the pursuit of a mysterious signal. Enjoy countless hours of gameplay including intense gunplay, twisted weaponry and more from the developer, People Can Fly.

Godfall is the first confirmed PS5 game. It is due out late 2020 and will be a console exclusive to the PlayStation 5. Godfall will also be released through the Epic Store on PC. This looter-slasher is a fantasy RPG game which will include plenty of third-person melee combat. So, if you want to search for loot and fight bad guys, this is the game for you.