Xbox Series X - Register Your Interest | GAME

Xbox Series X - Register Your Interest | GAME

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Confirmed accessories and games for Xbox Series X

Just Announced

Microsoft games from 9 of their 15 Game Studios and 5 new 1st party games that will be available on the Xbox Series X. It’s time to get excited as Fable, State of Decay 3 and Avowed were some of the games confirmed to be coming to the next-generation console! All the games have incredible graphics, harnessing the power of the console… it’s time to start making a wish list ready for all these exciting new Xbox games.

Confirmed Xbox Exclusives

In Xbox’s most recent showcase we saw some impressive Halo Infinite gameplay and it was awesome! The game boasted expansive surroundings in a Halo ring several times larger than previous titles. Get ready to become Master Chief, plough through enemies and watch Halo’s combat come to life on Xbox Series X. We also saw an incredibly realistic trailer for the brand-new Forza Motorsport, showing off the impressive RTX capabilities of the Xbox Series X.


Get ready players, you can enjoy your current Xbox One controller on the next-generation console thanks to its cross-compatible functionality. Alternatively, the Xbox Series X will have an upgraded controller designed for different hand sizes to improve functionality and comfort! This new Xbox controller will be a hybrid between the current Xbox One controller and the Elite controller providing excellent control with minimal movement required. You can also instantly share your gaming moments with the new share button.

Xbox Games Coming Soon

From Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, Halo Infinite, Age of Empires IV, Hitman 3, to Far Cry 6… the list of games confirmed for Xbox Series X is growing every week! Many games will utilize Smart Delivery so you can buy/pre-order now and get a free upgrade for your next-generation console. During the Xbox Games Showcase event tonight, Microsoft will reveal new details around upcoming Xbox Series X games. Come back later for more info!