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Starlink: Battle for Atlas | GAME

Starlink: Battle for Atlas | GAME

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Connect your modular toys and watch them come to life in your own intergalactic mission in Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

The evil Grax is attempting to take over the galaxy, and you must lead your team of brave pilots to stop him. Build your spaceships with pilots and weapons, which are all customisable to play to your style. It’s time to take flight and save Atlas.


Buy one of the Starter Packs to receive everything you need to achieve victory in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Available on Switch, Xbox One and PS4, each pack include a copy of the game, a Starship, two pilots, two weapons, a joy-con mount (only on Switch) and more.

Starship Packs

Customise your fleet with one of the many Starship Packs. You can swap and combine the hulls, wings, and weapons from the packs to create your ultimate Starship.

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Pilot Packs

With many Pilot Packs available, you can create your very own team of heroic pilots that you must lead to victory. Each pilot has their own unique ability which can help assist you in saving Atlas.

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Weapon Packs

Power up and load up with the Weapon Packs. You can take your Spaceships to another level with the ability to choose your weapons. Tackle enemies with a Freeze Ray, Shockwave and more!

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Crusher + Shredder MK.2

Hailstorm + Meteor MK.2

Ironfist + Freezeray MK.2

Shockwave + Gauss Gun MK.2


How does Starlink: Battle for Atlas work?

It is a new action game where you can assemble ships, weapons and team of pilots in real life using the modular toys. Each Starter Pack comes with a controller mount where you can connect your Starship and other accessories to use in-game. You can easily combine any of the modular toys to create a customisable adventure.

Do I need to use the modular toys?

No, the extras are available as physical modular toys or digitally. However, as soon as you connect a physical toy to your account, this will always be there. You can play and assemble your Starships both physically and digitally.

Does Starlink: Battle for Atlas have multiplayer?

Yes, your friends and family can join in on the intergalactic adventure with the drop-in/drop-out split-screen co-op mode. Once you’ve bought one of the Packs, you and your friends can use the same modular toy at the same time digitally. Buying more packs unlocks even more ways to play with friends.


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