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Pokemon Rumble U

Pokemon Rumble U

Pokémon Rumble U Special Edition (Wii U)

Release Date - 15/08/13

Catch them all and smash them all in Pokémon Rumble U for Wii U!

The acclaimed Pokémon fighting game comes to Nintendo's newest console, offering not only the chance to catch 649 Toy Pokémon in the game, but a selection of interactive Pokémon NFC figures to collect too – and only from GAME in the UK!

Pokémon Rumble U offers the chance to battle with up to 100 Toy Pokémon at once across a range of exciting Areas, each with its own battle stages, unique challenges and a big Boss to take down before you can advance. But victory isn't the only prize here – the more Toy Pokémon you defeat in battle, the more you could have on your side as you advance to the next battle. You can even try to befriend the other Toy Pokémon as you strive to get all 649 on your side.

Using your Wii U GamePad, the controls of Pokémon Rumble U are quick and easy to learn, tapping directly on a spot in the battle Area to attack right there! The GamePad also offers a Near-Field Communication (NFC) reader which interacts with a range of collectable Pokémon NFC Figures, which are exclusive to GAME in the UK!

Placing a figure on the NFC reader will bring that Pokémon into the game which you can raise to be one of your most dependable allies in the game. Unlike other Pokémon in the game, your NFC figure Pokémon can grow stronger using in-game coins, and this strength is recorded in the figure, so you can continue playing with the Pokémon as you've raised them when playing at a friend's house.

Plus, Pokémon Rumble U offers four-player battles in multiplayer mode, letting you team up with friends or family to battle the most powerful enemies, or embark on some friendly competition over who can defeat the most Pokémon in one go!

Catch, collect and battle – order Pokémon Rumble U today!

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Pokémon Rumble U Special Edition

Get a strong fighting start with the Pokémon Rumble U Special Edition and start your battles with two mystery Pokémon NFC Figures!

Pokémon Rumble U Special Edition Includes:
• Limited Edition Black Kyurem or White Kyurem NFC Figure
• One additional mystery NFC Figure
• Double-sided Collector's Poster
• Code to download the game from the Nintendo eShop

GAME Exlusive

Now you can catch and collect your Pokémon in the real world with the Pokémon Rumble U NFC Figurines. There are over a dozen to collect, including some mystery Pokémon! The Figurines are randomly packed so that each package contains a surprise - and each figure holds a secret you can unlock in the game!

Order Your Pokémon Rumble U NFC Figurines Today

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