Gran Turismo 6 GAME Exclusive 15th Anniversary Edition (PS3) Gran Turismo 6 (PS3)
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Release Date - 06/12/2013

The legendary driving simulator returns in Gran Turismo 6 for PlayStation 3.

The sixth entry in the series celebrates 15 years of Gran Turismo and promises to bring an even greater level of authenticity to every car and every race. There are plenty of cars to choose from – over 1200 in fact, ranging from vintage classics to today's top designs, with cars from the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti yours to drive. Not only that, there are plenty of cool customisation options like wheels and aero parts for you to really make your car your own.

In Gran Turismo 6 the cars will look better than ever, with improved dynamic lighting and smoother details on the cars themselves, all rendered in beautiful 1080p HD. Gran Turismo 6 will handle better, too, with improved suspension and tyres being fed back to your controller. GT6 will push PlayStation 3 to its absolute limit!

Gran Turismo 6 also offers a wealth of over 30 tracks and locations, including new circuits like the legendary Silverstone. Not only that, the new course maker will allow you to create your own races, each boasting several kilometres of gorgeous scenery. You can build your own online communities and events, too, creating friendships and rivalries that can extend beyond the game and onto the mobile and web apps.

Get behind the wheel once more and order Gran Turismo 6 today!

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Gran Turismo 6 15th Anniversary Edition

Take pole position with the Gran Turismo 6 15th Anniversary Edition, offering a wealth of in-game content delivered in a stunning steelbook.

15th Anniversary Edition Includes:
• Special Polyphony designed 15th Anniversary Steelbook.
• GT6 Game.
• 1M in-game credits
• 20 cars with custom 15th Anniversary livery and performance enhancement.
• Custom paint chips, custom race suit, custom race helmet and custom avatars.

GT6 A Million Credits to Spend when you buy the Anniversary Edition

Gran Turismo 6 PlayStation 3 Console Pack

Get into gear with this special Gran Turismo 6 PlayStation 3 pack that celebrates the best of PS3 in 2013.

Not only will you get your hands on a 500GB PS3 console and enjoy the high-octane speeds and thrills of Gran Turismo 6, you'll also get to experience the game-changing drama of The Last of Us.

One great console, two great games, one fantastic price!

It's a mad, broad and characterful celebration of everything to do with cars. It looks stunning, and is an excellent way for developer Polyphony to celebrate the series' 15 year anniversary. GAME's Verdict 9/10
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