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Batman: Arkham Origins GAME Exclusive Heroes & Villains Steelbook Edition (PS3) Batman: Arkham Origins GAME Exclusive Heroes & Villains Steelbook Edition (Xbox 360)

Release Date - 25/10/2013

The early days of the Dark Knight are explored in Batman: Arkham Origins for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Wii U.

Batman: Arkham Origins tells the tale of a young Batman facing a deadly challenge one Christmas Eve, years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. The dastardly Black Mask has hired eight assassins to take out Batman, and it's up to you to take them out first.

Offering the largest city in any Arkham game to date, you'll explore the sprawling streets of Gotham, battling gangs of vicious criminals and protecting citizens, all while try to track down and defeat Black Mask's assassins. The series' FreeFlow Combat experience is expanded with every new opponent as your skills adapt with each battle.

Batman begins, again – order Batman: Arkham Origins today!

*PC and Wii U Release Date: 08/11/2013

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Heroes & Villains Edition

Packed in a case as tough as Batman himself, the Heroes & Villains Edition also includes the Heroes & Villains pack with new skins to use in online multiplayer mode.

Heroes & Villains Edition Includes:
• Batman Arkham Origins
• Steel Pack
• Classic Tim Drake Robin Online Skin
• Bane's Forces Online Vanity Pack
• Jokers Forces Online Vanity Pack

GAME Exlusive

Extra In-game Content: Deathstroke!

Arkham Origins and receive the Deathstroke Challenge Pack! DC Comics' deadliest assassin is a fully playable character, with three unique character skins and three challenge maps to test your lethal skills.

Extra In-game Content: Knightfall - Only on PS3

Exclusive to Batman: Arkham Origins on PlayStation 3, the Knightfall Pack offers up two legendary Batman skins - the high-tech armour of Knightfall Batman, and the high-camp humour of Classic TV Batman! Plus, take on five new challenge maps - Only on PS3!

Batman: Arkham Origins introduces multiplayer to the series for the first time!

Offering unique 3 vs 3 vs 2 online matches, you'll have the chance to play as Batman & Robin vs two rival gangs led by Bane and the Joker!

Batman Arkham Origins Strategy Guide


Explore the secret history of Batman's war on crime. This hard back book is filled with case reports, vehicle designs, costume sketches and so much more, taking you beyond the mask and into the heart of the Dark Knight!
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Take Batman's fight further with the Arkham Origins Season Pass, granting you access to an all-new story campaign, Bruce Wayne training challenge maps and a host of new character skins, including the exclusive Brightest Day and Gotham By Gaslight skins - and all for a 30% saving!

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

The legend of the Dark Knight comes to handhelds in this unique chapter in Batman history. Arkahm Origins: Blackgate for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita sends Batman into Gotham's dangerous Blackgate Prison to restore order after a gang-fuelled rebellion takes over. With a combination of action and stealth gameplay, this 2.5-D platform adventure is the perfect sidekick to Arkham Origins.


Arkham Origins feels very much at home in the Arkham series, recreating much of what made the first two games so exceptional and put in a new setting with a new story, new missions and new villains read more

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