Destination Nintendo: Play Anytime, Anywhere | GAME

Destination Nintendo: Play Anytime, Anywhere | GAME

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Play on the go, anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

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Freedom to have fun.
Wherever. Whenever.

Enjoy games anytime, anywhere, with anyone, with flexible and free play modes.

It’s a new era where you don’t have to adjust your lifestyle to play games – instead, your console adjusts to fit around your lifestyle.

Nintendo Switch console with Joy-Con controller

Want to play now?

Get digital games from our eShop

With a huge range of games to choose from, the Nintendo eShop has something to offer for each and every gamer! Join the digital age and get downloading today!

Amiibo Mario & Splatoon character

Get your hands on the new
Nintendo LABO

Nintendo Labo combines the magic of the Nintendo Switch system with the fun of DIY creations.

With Nintendo Labo, building is just as much fun as playing. Find out how it all works and you might even invent new ways to play with your Toy-Con creations. THAT'S Nintendo Labo. What will YOU create?

Nintendo LABO Toy Con 02 Robot Kit
Mario throwing his Cappy hat

Super Mario Odyssey

Explore incredible places far from the Mushroom Kingdom as you join Mario and his new ally Cappy.

Use amazing new abilities—like the power to capture and control objects, animals, and enemies—to collect Power Moons so you can power up the Odyssey airship and save Princess Peach from Bowser's wedding plans!

Link on a horse fighting an enemy in Zelda game

The Legend of Zelda:
Breath of the Wild

Step into a world of adventure.

Step into a world of discovery, exploration, and adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a boundary-breaking new game in the acclaimed series.

Mario Kart 8 - racing

Mario Kart

Mario Kart 8 is back- and bigger than ever on Nintendo Switch!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch, fans can enjoy the definitive version of Mario Kart 8 anywhere, anytime even with up to 8 friends!
Bursting with new modes, characters, karts and fan favourite tracks, it's time to start your engines in 3, 2, 1...

Switch & Play. Anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

Meet the Nintendo Switch, the home console you can take anywhere and play anywhere.

Nintendo Switch is designed to go wherever you do, transforming from home console to portable system in a snap. So you get more time to play the games you love, however you like.

Nintendo Switch console in table top mode Nintendo Switch Joy Cons
Nintendo Switch blue left joy-con contoller

Share the fun with Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch has a controller on each side of the console that function together: the Joy-Con.

By handing one of the Joy-Con to a friend, you can play competitive or co-operative multiplayer anywhere. As well as holding a single Joy-Con vertically or horizontally to play games, you can also play using both Joy-Con at once, holding one in each hand.

Three modes

More fun

1. TV Mode

Gather around a big screen and enjoy gaming with a crowd.

Hook up the console to the TV and everyone can enjoy playing, from kids to adults. It’s a great way to get into the game with family and friends at home.

2. Handheld Mode

Carry around a large, beautiful display anywhere you go.

Enjoy the same gameplay experience as on a TV screen, right at your fingertips. Play engaging games you’ve never thought you can play on the go anytime, anywhere.

3. Table Top Mode

Flip the stand to share the screen, then share the fun with a multiplayer game.

If you don’t have access to a TV, prop up the stand attached to the console and hand a Joy-Con to a friend to play co-operative or competitive games right on the console screen.

The Nintendo 3DS Family

Packed with features, made for fun.

Have fun adventures with characters like Mario™, Peach™, Yoshi™, Link™, and Pikachu™. The Nintendo 3DS family of systems are home to tons of high-quality games you can’t find anyplace else.

Nintendo 3DS surrounded by different Nintendo characters

Value with

Nintendo 2DS

Streamlined, affordable fun that’s great for kids!

Designed with great value in mind.

Nintendo 2DS is a perfect entry level console that plays all your favourite Nintendo 3DS games in 2D! Nintendo 2DS is available in a variety of colours, with different pre-installed software. Dive straight into the Nintendo franchises you don’t find anywhere else and experience The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Animal Crossing, Kirby and more! Nintendo 2DS is backwards compatible, so you also have the entire library of Nintendo DS games to replay or discover!

The new

Nintendo 2DS XL

Step up to bigger screens and major features

The 2DS is backed into a stylish, lightweight handheld.

Enjoy built-in amiibo support, a fast processor, and playing Nintendo 3DS games in 2D. Start playing right away with built-in features and applications. Watch streaming videos, buy and download new games, take on friends with wireless play, and much more.


With games

Games only on Nintendo

We have an extensive range of games available

Have fun adventures with characters like Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Link, and Pikachu. The Nintendo 3DS family of systems are home to an extensive range of high-quality games you can’t find anyplace else.

Get to grips with Nintendo’s range of accessories

We have an extensive range of accessories from pro controllers, cases and Nintendo amiibo.

Share the fun with Joy-Con, or get to grips with a pro controller. At GAME we have all the latest accessories for your Nintendo Switch or favourite handheld 3DS system.

Red and blue steering wheel accessories with joy cons in the middle



Nintendo Switch Pro controller angled

Switch Pro Controller

A wireless controller with the form factor of a traditional controller, comfortable and great for gaming for long periods of time in TV mode and tabletop mode.

Joy-Con controllers red and blue


A Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R) together make up a set of Joy-Con controllers. Pick up an extra set of Joy-Con controllers to open new kinds of gaming possibilities!



Nintendo Switch charging dock

Messenger Bag

The Everywhere Messenger Bag stores the complete Nintendo Switch system for easy portability, and features a removable internal case for carrying the Nintendo Switch handheld style.

Nintendo Switch messenger bag

Accessory Set

The carrying case features an organising pad where you can store five Nintendo Switch game cards and two Joy-Con straps. The organising pad can also be angled to become a stand for the console.

Nintendo Switch charging dock

Joy-Con Charging Deck

The Joy-Con Charging Dock is the easiest solution for charging your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers. Charge 4 Joy-Con Controllers at a time for single or multiple players.

Nintendo Amiibo of Bowser

Nintendo amiibo

Have fun with your favorite Nintendo characters with amiibo™. Just tap amiibo accessories to the Nintendo Switch (no portal required!) and watch them come to life.


Nintendo Amiibo

Power up your gameplay.

Discover amiibo, a fun and unique tway to interact with your favourite Nintendo characters and game

Amiibo are interactive figures and cards that work with your games. Tap an amiibo while playing compatible Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS or Wii U software and you’ll uncover surprising new features!

Amiibo Mario & Splatoon character

Bring your game to life with LABO

No need to leave your gaming strictly in the gaming realm. Instead bring your game to life with Labo, interact with fun activities.

A new way to play. Nintendo LABO. By assembling sheets of cardboard into a variety of shapes called Toy-Con, and combining them with Nintendo Switch, you can bring them to life!


What is Nintendo Labo?

Nintendo LABO


Nintendo LABO Toy Con 1 Variety Pack

Nintendo LABO:
Toy Con 01 Variety Pack

Nintendo LABO lets anyone pick up and enjoy making, playing and discovering. With the Variety Kit, you can create many different Toy-Con, including Toy-Con RC Car, Toy-Con Fishing Rod, Toy-Con House, Toy-Con Motorbike and Toy-Con Piano.

Joy-Con controllers red and blue

Nintendo LABO:
Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit

With the Robot Kit you can create your own robot!
Players can build their own wearable Toy-Con Robot suit and assume control of a giant in-game robot, completing challenges and destroying objects to unlock powerful new abilities.



Nintendo Switch charging dock

Nintendo LABO:
Customisation Set

Once built, those with a creative touch can customise their Toy-Con creations with their own colouring pens, stickers and paint to give them a personal feel – the only limit is their imagination. Customise your Nintendo LABO creation with this hand set of materials.

Nintendo Switch free gift with Toy Con pre-orders

Order Toy Cons to qualify

Order now to receive a FREE Nintendo LABO Marker Set, Pencil Case and Bag - the perfect tools to customise your Nintendo LABO Toy-Con.


What is

Nintendo LABO

Nintendo LABO Variety Kit - Fishing Rod

Nintendo LABO Variety Kit - Fishing Rod

Nintendo LABO Variety Kit - Fishing Rod

Play anytime, anywhere, with anyone

Get more time to play the games you love, however you like. Take a look at our Nintendo Switch and bundles for great deals.

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