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Destination Nintendo: Play Anytime, Anywhere | GAME

Destination Nintendo: Play Anytime, Anywhere | GAME

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Buy the all new Generation 8 Pokémon games now!

A new generation of Pokémon has arrived, only on Nintendo Switch. Adventure through the forests, fields and towns of the gorgeous new Galar region as a fresh Pokémon Trainer. Catch Pokémon both old and new, including Wooloo, Yamper and Rolycoly. Choose between Grookey, Scorbunny or Sobble as your partner Pokémon and progress through this original story!

Compete against other trainers, gym leaders, and become a Pokémon Master on either Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield, only available on Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

Perfect for gamers on the go.

The Nintendo family of consoles is growing! The Nintendo Switch Lite is the latest release in the Nintendo Switch family. This charming new console has a much smaller and lightweight design, making it easier than ever to take the games with you and play anywhere.

Unlike the Switch, it has attached controllers and the left now features a control pad. It is designed for purely handheld mode and is compatible with all existing Nintendo Switch games that have a handheld mode. The Nintendo Switch Lite is perfect for younger kids or an alternative to the famous 3DS.

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Nintendo Switch Exclusive Titles

Nintendo exclusives

Go portable with these Nintendo Switch games.

Test your skills in the board-game inspired Super Mario Party; start inking in the colourful Splatoon 2; fall in love with the charming Kirby Star Allies and many more. These games are exclusive to Switch and showcase new and exciting ways to play. Enjoy freedom and fun as you explore the many worlds and adventures available. Browse our range of Nintendo Switch exclusive games today.

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Nintendo 3DS Family

Nintendo 3DS

Enjoy the classic feel of a 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS will enable you to relive your childhood with a single portable device! Delve into nostalgic favourites including Animal Crossing, Pokemon and Mario with an extensive library of games. The consoles are also backwards compatible unlocking even more iconic titles for all ages to explore. Prepare for a dynamic 3D gaming experience without any accessories or play in 2D mode.

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Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

Make the most of your gaming.

Gain immediate access to online gaming, an ever-growing library of NES games, exclusive offers only for members and more with Nintendo Switch Online.

This new membership service lets you enjoy the greatest of Nintendo and unlocks incredible opportunity to play with friends and discover more online.

Purchase your Switch Online membership today to get even more out of your console.

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nintendo eshop

Nintendo Eshop

Want to play now?

Prepare to go digital and discover a world of games right on the Nintendo eShop! Browse a variety of worlds and adventures including some legendary characters including Mario, Zelda and many more.

Use your Nintendo eShop Credit for yourself or as a gift to purchase the latest games or in-game currency for games like Fortnite and get even more content for your exhilarating digital worlds.

There is a game for everyone to enjoy in the Nintendo eShop store so start downloading today!

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Switch & Play. Anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

Say hello to the Nintendo Switch – the console that transforms your games, so you can play anywhere and whenever.

The Switch is designed to let you take the gaming fun with you. You can easily change from a home console to a handheld device in a second. Play more of your games, however you like.

TV Mode

Nintendo Switch

Head for the big screen and gather a gaming crowd.

Connect to the TV and everyone can enjoy playing, including kids and adults! Pass over the Joy-Con controllers and everyone join in on the Nintendo Switch fun.

Handheld Mode

Nintendo Switch

Enjoy the large and clear display wherever you go.

Take the gameplay away from the TV and right into your hands with handheld mode. Enjoy your favourite Nintendo games on the go, just as you wish!

Table Top Mode

Nintendo Switch

Simply flip the stand to share your screen to dive into the multiplayer fun.

Don’t worry if you can’t access a TV, flip the stand and use your Switch as a mini TV in table top mode. Hand a Joy-Con to your friend to access co-op and multiplayer game modes!

Switch Lite - Take the games with you!

Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite makes it easier to take your games with you, wherever you go!

The latest console to join the Nintendo family is the Nintendo Switch Lite. This lightweight and compact console are designed purely for handheld mode. The design features attached controllers and the left has a control pad for added ease of play.

It is compatible with all Nintendo Switch games that have a handheld mode meaning you can enjoy some Nintendo classics like the Legend of Zelda series or Super Mario Odyssey.

If you want to play any games that don’t have a handheld mode, you can purchase extra Joy-Con’s and wirelessly connect them and play away. You’ll also need a Charging Dock so you can play with the Joy-Con’s over and over again.