Destination Nintendo: Play Anytime, Anywhere | GAME

Destination Nintendo: Play Anytime, Anywhere | GAME

nintendo eshop

Want to play now?

Prepare to go digital and discover a world of games right on the Nintendo eShop! Browse a variety of worlds and adventures including some legendary characters including Mario, Zelda and many more.

Buy Nintendo eShop Credit for yourself or as a gift from GAME to purchase the latest games and get even more content for your exhilarating digital worlds.

There is a game for everyone to enjoy in the Nintendo eShop store so start downloading today!

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Ready to join the millions that play?

Is Fortnite on Switch?

Finally, the Fortnite fun is on Switch and available to download on the Nintendo eShop for free. Be a part of the Battle Royale fun! Skydive into the large maps and begin the scavenger hunt for necessities and resources to use!

Outsmart your opponents and use the clever mechanical system to build forts and attempt to be the last one standing. It’s just you and 99-other players and it’s time to earn your victory. Get Fortnite on the Switch today.

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super smash bros. ultimate

Prepare for a totally smashing time.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will feature every single Super Smash Bros character ever created. That’s 65 characters to fight with, including original and new clothing and weapons. It’s not called Ultimate for just any reason…

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Nintendo labo

Get your hands on the new Nintendo LABO.

Combine the wonders of the Nintendo Switch with Nintendo LABO for DIY fun. The unique kits are fully interactive with the Nintendo Switch and are designed for you to unleash your creative inventions. Building your Nintendo LABO is just some of the fun. Watch your DIY creations come to life on the Switch and invent new ways to play with your Joy-Con’s. There are a variety of kits available including Nintendo LABO: Vehicle Kit, Robot Kit and more. What will you create?

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Enter a whirlwind world of adventure.

Winner of Game of the Year and Best Action/Adventure game at the Game Awards in 2017 is the incredible Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Prepare for the largest Legend of Zelda yet. Solve even more puzzles in this award-winning game and explore more of the origins of this exceptional series in his Zelda game.

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mario odyssey

Go beyond the Mushroom Kingdom.

The legendary Mario returns for a new heroic journey and this he’s joined with his new ally Cappy. Bowser has some wicked wedding plans for him and Princess Peach, and it’s down to Mario and Cappy to save her. Set off on your mission to save the day and try and power up the Odyssey airship to rescue Princess Peach before it’s too late. Buy Super Mario Odyssey on Switch today.

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pokémon let's go!

Gotta catch ‘em all.

Enjoy the Pokémon GO! fun on your Nintendo Switch. With your very own Pokéball Plus, you can become the ultimate trainer you’re destined to be. Choose to catch ‘em all with Eevee or Pikachu and prepare for a classic Pokémon adventure on the Switch.

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Switch & Play. Anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

Say hello to the Nintendo Switch – the console that transforms your games, so you can play anywhere and whenever.

The Switch is designed to let you take the gaming fun with you. You can easily change from a home console to a handheld device in a second. Play more of your games, however you like.

TV Mode

Nintendo Switch

Head for the big screen and gather a gaming crowd.

Connect to the TV and everyone can enjoy playing, including kids and adults! Pass over the Joy-Con controllers and everyone join in on the Nintendo Switch fun.

Handheld Mode

Nintendo Switch

Enjoy the large and clear display wherever you go.

Take the gameplay away from the TV and right into your hands with handheld mode. Enjoy your favourite Nintendo games on the go, just as you wish!

Table Top Mode

Nintendo Switch

Simply flip the stand to share your screen to dive into the multiplayer fun.

Don’t worry if you can’t access a TV, flip the stand and use your Switch as a mini TV in table top mode. Hand a Joy-Con to your friend to access co-op and multiplayer game modes!

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