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FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team

Release Date - 27/09/2013*

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) returns in FIFA 14 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, recreating the challenges and rewards of managing your own team.

FIFA Ultimate Team is your chance to compete with millions of other fans worldwide as you build and manage your dream football team. You can buy, sell and trade with other players in the Transfer Market, and boost your squad with items such as longer contracts, new kits and fitness items to help your team become as strong as possible.

Once you've built your team, you can compete online against other players around the world, with each victory taking you one step closer to winning your division. And on top of playing FUT within FIFA 14, you can interact with your squad using the mobile or web app, allowing you to play FUT wherever you go and on any device.

Pick your dream squad and sign up for FIFA Ultimate Team today!

*FIFA 14 release date

Each week, FIFA Ultimate Team will assemble the best players in both club and international competition from around the world and choose the top 18 players to form the ultimate squad.

With improved attributes and ratings, these are the players you want on your squad to improve your performance this week, but be quick - you only have seven days to find them in Gold Packs!

Alternatively, you can pit your team against the Team Of The Week and reap the rewards of beating the best.

The FIFA 14 Team Of The Year

The FIFA 14 Team Of The Year gives you the chance to add the players that make up the FIFA World XI to your squad - but only for a limited time!

Following the announcement of the FUT Team Of The Year, the selected Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards will be available to buy in FUT packs during specific times throughout this week. Each player will be available with a Blue Card offering up their improved TOTY stats, which will give your team an enviable boost.

This year's Team Of The Year is available between:

• Defenders are available from 7pm on Monday 13th January till 6pm Wednesday 15th January

• Midfielders are available from 6pm on Wednesday 15th January till 6pm Friday 17th January

• Forwards are available from 6pm on Friday 17th January till 6pm Saturday 18th January

• The whole team will then be available from 6pm Saturday 18th January till 6pm Sunday 19th January, then gone for good!

There are two types of currency you can use to build and boost your Ultimate Team: Coins and FIFA points. Coins can only be earned in-game by playing matches in the FUT mode or by trading players on the Transfer Market. FIFA points can only be purchased using Xbox Live and PlayStation Network points cards.

Both Coins and FIFA Points can be used to purchase FUT Gold Packs. Each Gold Pack includes a mix of 12 items, which could include anything from managers, players and training staff to stadiums, balls, kits and fitness items. Gold Packs are also guaranteed to include at least one rare item, such as enhanced player attributes, longer contracts and the world's best players.

Building & Managing Your Team

With over 8,000 players from around the world to choose from, this is more than just your average fantasy league. Choose your team by purchasing gold, silver or bronze FUT packs from the online store, or by trading player items in the Transfer Market. Then pick your preferred playing style and formation, choose your kits and more!

Trade and sign new players to enhance your style, and sell those who aren't doing well. Manage your players' fitness and morale, and ensure they're playing to the best of their ability. The more you play and the more you succeed, the closer you'll get to putting together the team you've always wanted.

Moving Into The Next Generation!

A new generation of consoles doesn't mean you have to start a new FIFA Ultimate Team. If you're moving up to Xbox One from Xbox 360, or PlayStation 4 from PlayStation 3, you will be able to move your FIFA Ultimate Team with you.

Your FIFA Points will transfer across to your new console and can then only be used on that version of FIFA 14, but Coins will still be able to be used across both versions of the game, so whichever console you're playing on, you'll be able to purchase the FUT Gold Packs you need.

You'll also be able to access your full FUT roster and in-game items from either console. And any changes made to your team will be reflected on the console you're on, so if you're still playing on both generations, you'll be able to access and play with the most recent version of your FIFA Ultimate Team on either console, maintaining your current division in Seasons mode.

Play Online, Play Offline, Play Anywhere!

FIFA Ultimate Team combines the fun of fantasy football with the award-winning gameplay that the FIFA series is renowned for. Whether it's winning matches or just individual achievements, you can push your team forward with every game you play, both online against another player from FIFA's massive global community, or offline in single-player mode. And you can keep managing off the pitch - and off the console - using the FUT web app available at or the EA SPORTS Football Club app for your mobile.


Exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox 360, your FIFA Ultimate Team can get even more legendary with the new FUT Legends.

For the first time in the series, classic players from football's past enter the FIFA Ultimate Team mix, with 42 legends available to join your team. From all-time greats like Pele, Ruud Gullit and David Seaman to modern legends like Robbie Fowler and Dennis Bergkamp, this is a veritable who's who of international football over the last few decades. FUT Legends gives you the chance to build a team made up of the best players of the past and present, a true dream team that will push you further to FIFA Ultimate Team victory!