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The worlds of TV and gaming collide in the groundbreaking third person shooter Defiance for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Defiance the game has been created in tandem with the hit new TV show (Tuesdays at 9pm on SyFy), and where the actions of one can impact what happens in the other. Set in a future where humans and aliens live together on an Earth transformed by years of conflict, Defiance sees you join the waves of survivors competing for the best alien technology.

Defiance combines the action and combat of a modern third person shooter with the epic scale of an MMORPG like never before. In this ever-evolving open-world version of San Francisco, you can create and customise your character. Play as human or alien, choose the weapons, skills and armour that let you shoot the way you want, and make your way through single-player missions, massive co-op battles and more.

Join the fight. Join the future. Order Defiance today!

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