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Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth

Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth

Captain America! Iron Man! Hulk! Thor! Together at last in Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth as they lead the charge against the Skrull Invasion!

Based on the legendary 'secret invasion' comic book story, the heroes from this year's Avengers Assemble movie team up with the other super-heroes from the Marvel Universe like Wolverine, Spider-Man and more in a game that lets you unleash your inner super-hero!

Using the unique motion controls of Kinect for Xbox 360 and Wii U, you get to act out your own super-powered battles as your movements trigger the on-screen action. Each hero has a set of unique powers for you to control, as well as awesome super attacks, special moves and all kinds of frenzied fighting styles.

As well as the main story campaign, there are various gameplay modes including co-op, arcade-style, versus matches and a tournament, all brought to life with stunning comic-book style visuals.

Assemble your heroes and order Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth today!