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SimCity - Out Now!

SimCity returns to PC to once again run your city your way. Every choice you make has some sort of consequence, no matter how big or small, every action you perform will cause a reaction for your city and its people!

Craft the City you want, be it a thriving Industrial City, a rich Casino City or a reflection on where you actually live! Whatever you choose, you'll feel the distinct feel of each area or your overall city if you specialise in one industry. And for the first time, SimCity lets you team up with friends and build a region where you'll collaborate, compete and take part in regional and global challenges that will impact the SimCity World! Will you launch a space shuttle, reduce carbon emissions or try to create new wonders of the world?

Upgrade to the Limited Edition for the the bonus Heroes and Villains set, where MaxisMan will protect your city from the villainous crimewave of Dr. Vu and his deadly Sims henchmen!

Order SimCity now and prepare to break new ground!

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Sim City Limited Edition